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Jennifer Aniston’s Pink Milky French Manicure Is a Minimalist’s Dream

Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet

When thinking about Jennifer Aniston’s impact on the beauty world, most people will probably think of her hair—one of the most iconic haircuts of the past 40 years is named after her, and she has her very own hair line. That being said, we’re always enamored by her nails. The actor understands nail minimalism and has stunned on the red carpet with a milky French manicure, and has shown off a strawberry milk manicure while lounging at home. Now, Aniston married the two nail trends together for the perfect strawberry milk French manicure that can work on or off the red carpet.

On June 2, Aniston took to Instagram to promote Lolavie’s newest product, the Intensive Repair Treatment ($35). As she explains the various ways you can use the treatment, Aniston wore a monochromatic athleisure look with black leggings and a black crew neck T-shirt with long sleeves. She wore dainty gold hoops and a ring to elevate her WFH vibes, plus a half-up half-down hairdo


To go with her relaxed outfit, Aniston wore a pink milky French manicure. Her nails sit at a comfortable short length with Aniston’s signature soft-square shape, and have a sheer pale pink base that blends into a lighter tip. With a hazy line between the nails’s tips and base, Aniston’s manicure is the perfect example of a milky French—but with a cute pink twist.

Both the strawberry milk and milky French manicures are refreshing plays on milk bath nails, which have been all the rage for most of the year. Although OG milk bath nails use a neutral milky cream or white polish to make the nails appear natural, they can also run the risk of feeling redundant if you get the manicure every time you visit the salon. The strawberry milk mani has been a favorite alternative for celebs who want to add a dash of color to the manicure, while the milky French marries the look with the ever-trending French manicure. Aniston simply took it a step further by putting both riffs into one manicure.

A close-up of Jennifer Anniston's pink milky French manicure


And the best part? Recreating Aniston’s strawberry milky French is easy peasy. Gather white nail polish, pale pink nail polish, a base coat, and a top coat to start. Then, push your cuticles back and file and buff you nails to your preferred shape. After applying your base coat, start building your milky French manicure. “The key to this look is to apply the French white line first, then applying the ‘milk bath’ color over the top,” celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik previously told Byrdie. “If you want even a hazier look, use a makeup applicator sponge or sponge eyeshadow applicator to apply your thin white line just along the edge or your tip.”

After applying the French white to the tips, go in with two coats of sheer pale pink nail polish. Finally, seal the entire look in with top coat, and you’re left with a manicure that can work just as well during your at-home 9-5 as it would at any events you have on your docket.


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