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Jennifer Lopez Cosigned the Milky French Manicure Trend

Jennifer Lopez in a blazer

The word “icon” gets thrown around a lot these days, but at its essence, it’s the perfect word to describe Jennifer Lopez. At this point, J.Lo has dominated multiple industries, including—but not limited to—film, music, beauty, and even fashion. With her latest movie, The Mother, J.Lo shows no signs of stopping—and her impeccable style also stays in full swing. The proof? Well, it’s in her latest milky French manicure.

On May 14, J.Lo posted a selfie to Twitter wearing an ethereal blue and white floral maxi dress with a tiered skirt and off-the-shoulder silhouette. The dress featured puffed sleeves with cinching at the elbow, and she paired the look with futuristic brown aviator sunnies, a white handbag, and strappy white platform wedges. Oh, and no look would be complete for the star without her signature J.Lo Glow.

Jennifer Lopez wearing sunglasses and a milky French manicure

Her entire look is prairie-chic-meets-five-star-resort, and her milky French nails match perfectly. She wore her nails at a short length with a soft square shape instead of the longer coffin-shaped nails she’s been wearing for the past few weeks. Her nails have a milky sheer base, plus a diffused French tip.

We can only assume that J.Lo’s longtime manicurist, Tom Bachik, was behind the nail look—but we can’t confirm that just yet. Still, we recently spoke with Bachik about creating a milky French manicure, and he has the perfect tricks. Prep is crucial for a milky French manicure, and Bachik said, “For the manicure to look its best, proper prep is going to give the best foundation to create the desired look.” Bachik first gently pushes the cuticles back and then uses a nail file to shape the nail. After that, buff the nail beds for a smooth, ridge-free finish.

Then you’ll want to grab a French white nail polish and a semi-sheer nude white polish. “The key to this look is to apply the French white line first, then applying the ‘milk bath’ color over the top will help to create that hazy look,” says Bachik. “If you want even a hazier look, use a makeup applicator sponge or sponge eyeshadow applicator to apply your white line just along the edge or your tip.” Bachik instructs to finish off with a high-shine top coat and reapply top coat every three days to refresh your manicure’s shine.

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