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Jennifer Lopez Just Wore the Dreamiest Opal French Manicure

Jennifer Lopez selfie

When Jennifer Lopez’s manicurist speaks, we listen. Or at least that’s how it feels—J.Lo has repeatedly shown off brilliant mashups of the hottest nail trends, and has been the blueprint for major manicures like the “rich girl” nail trend. Well, she just set the scene (again) for what we think will be the hottest manicure this summer: introducing J.Lo’s “satin slip” French manicure.

On May 28, J.Lo’s long-time manicurist, Tom Bachik, posted a photo of the star sitting in a glam chair and wearing a fluffy white robe. Her manicure sits at a medium-length, and has a soft coffin shape. She’s worn this shape countless times before (like for her ocean manicure and her licorice French nails), but the nail color is where the duo had a bit of fun. J.Lo wore a French manicure with a nude pink base and a slightly darker tip, and topped the entire look off with an irridecesnt pink shade concentrated on the tips and diffused onto the rest of her nail, giving them an opalescent effect.

Jennifer Lopez's opal French manicure


J.Lo stays at the forefront of the leading nail trends, and we predict that her mashup between the milky French and satin slip manicures will be everywhere this year. 2023 kicked off began with a milky French manicure obsession, which is a modern take on the traditional French manicure that calls for softer, sheerer hues. As the omnipresent glazed manicure begins its descent from being the most covetable manicure out there, celebs are instead looking to satin slip manicures that offer a softer shimmer and luxurious satin sheen.

Mixing the two trends is borderline genius, as it has everything you need for an of-the-moment French while adding subtle dazzle to your nails.

Thankfully, though, the manicure’s genius qualities are pretty simple to recreate. “The key to this look is to apply the French white line first, then applying the ‘milk bath’ color over the top will help to create that hazy American manicure look,” Bachik previously told Byrdie. “If you want even a hazier look, use a makeup applicator sponge or sponge eyeshadow applicator to apply your thin white line just along the edge or your tip.” After applying a white tip and a nude-y pink color to your nails, apply a sheer pink shimmer polish—like Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer in Wink Wink ($22)—to your entire nail bed. Seal the look with a high-shine top coat, and you now have an opal milky French mani just in time for summer.


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