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Kourtney Kardashian’s Pink Pearl Nails Are the Ultimate Soft-Girl Mani

Kourtney Kardashian selfie

Kourtney Kardashian Barker may be dressing a little more punk these days, but her nails tend to stay soft and sweet. Based on her edgy aesthetic, we’d assume she’d exclusively wear black patent leather nails, but she’s actually cosigned virtually all versions of the feminine “milk bath” trend and has even worn nails with coquettish cherry designs. Her pink pearl manicure is the latest in her string of sweet nail moments.

On June 7, Kardashian Barker did what anyone with a fresh manicure would do: she posted her pink vanilla chrome nails with her Mercedes Benz steering wheel in the background. Although Kardashian Barker has been wearing almond-shaped nails lately, her long-time manicurist Kim Truong switched things up this time with a short square shape. Her nails have the same pearlescent finish as the glazed manicure made famous by pal Hailey Bieber, but where a glazed mani features a sheer base, Kardashian Barker’s pale pink nails are opaque, creating a hyper-pearly finish.

Kourtney Kardashian's pink chrome nails


It’s in line with the vanilla chrome manicure trend popping up this summer, which is white or off-white nails that feature a sheer glazed chrome topper. However, much like how the off-white milk bath nails sparked the pink strawberry milk trend, it was only a matter of time before vanilla chrome nails would get a rosy upgrade (because Barbiecore, right?). “[The vanilla chrome manicure is] more dynamic and captures different colors in the light,” celebrity artist Gina Edwards previously told Byrdie, and while Kardashian Barker’s nails look just as futuristic as a traditional glazed manicure, they also feature more depth thanks to their pink base.

We think Kardashian Barker’s nails will be everywhere this summer—if you’re looking to get them yourself, your best bet is to visit a nail technician since most chrome toppers are pro-only. Still, there is a way to DIY this look. First, push your cuticles back, file and buff your nails to your preferred shape, and apply two coats of pale pink nail polish like the Olive & June Nail Polish in SCL ($9). “[The chrome effect is] normally [created] with gel polish, but you can use polish with a sheer iridescent topper or look into press-on nails,” Edwards shares. A slick of top coat makes sure everything stays in place.


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