Las Vegas

Las Vegas, The undisputed entertainment capital of the world! Have a amazing day with your loved one in 2022


Las Vegas
Las Vegas

The largest city in Nevada – Las Vegas, USA. It is famous for its huge tourism, shopping and resort industries centered on the gambling industry.

Nine of the ten largest resort hotels in the world are located here, making it a world-renowned city. One of the holiday resorts, it has the reputation of “the entertainment capital of the world” and “the marriage capital”.

Las Vegas has been reborn in 10 years, from a small village a hundred years ago to a giant tourist city. Among the 38.9 million tourists who come to Las Vegas every year, most of them come to shop and enjoy food, and only a few of them make a special trip to gamble.

The show performances of the superstars who revel every night, the exciting boxing championship competition, and the dazzling casinos have attracted the attention of the world. This is Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps in the desolate desert.

Las Vegas Transportation

Public transportation in the Las Vegas area is managed and promoted by The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). Las Vegas mainly has Citizen’s Area Transit (CAT bus), Metropolitan Area Express (MAX hybrid bus) system and MRT system monorail (Monorail).

CAT bus CAT is the main transportation network in downtown Las Vegas, with routes covering all areas of Las Vegas. To travel to the main attractions of the Las Vegas Strip, you can take the 24-hour, open bus No. 301 and 302.

The fare is US.00 or four tokens for over 18 years old, half-ticket (over 62 years old, 6-17 years old and disabled ) for US.00 or two tokens.

Other routes are US.25 and half fare is US$ 0.60. From McCarran International Airport, take buses 108 and 109 to the Las Vegas Downtown Terminal (DTC), and bus 108 connects to bus 301 on Las Vegas Blvd.

MAX Hybrid Bus The five-year-old MAX bus has a computer-controlled system that can shorten or extend the time of traffic lights at intersections so that it can arrive at each stop on time.

MAX is a hybrid of bus and light rail, mainly from the downtown bus terminal (DTC) north along the Las Vegas Strip to the North Las Vegas Airport. The business hours are from 5:00 to 22:00, and it can carry 120 passengers each time.

Monorail Las Vegas has its own light rail. The privately funded MRT system monorail was officially opened to traffic on July 15, 2004.

The elevated tram track from the MGM Grand Casino to the Sahara Grand Casino has a total length of four miles and a travel time of about 14 minutes. The route passes most casinos as well as the trade show convention center.

Monorails sell one-way, two-way, ten-way, one-day unlimited rides and three-day limited tickets. One-way 3 yuan, two-way 5.5 yuan, 10 trips 20 yuan, 10 yuan for one day, 25 yuan for three days. There are a total of 72 seats and can accommodate 152 people standing. The monorail is CAT system No. 551.

The disadvantage of this monorail is that all the stations are located in the backstreet of the casino city, the stations are still some distance from the entrance of major famous casinos, and there is no direct access to the international airport, so it cannot effectively solve the problems on the Las Vegas Strip. Traffic congestion problem.

Taxi fares start at $2.70 for the first mile, $1.80 per mile thereafter, and 35 cents per minute for waiting at red lights.

Airport – South end of Las Vegas Strip, about $8-9

Airport – South end of Las Vegas Strip, about 9.5-12 US dollars

Airport–Old Las Vegas about $9.5-12


Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is just one mile from the Las Vegas Strip. It is the most modern McCarran International Airport with 93 gates and up to 720 flights a day.

Airport – Las Vegas Strip, shuttle bus $4/person.

Airport – Old Town Las Vegas, shuttle bus $5/person.

Although Las Vegas is very large, the only highway that leads to the city is I-15, which leads to Canada via Grand Rapids in the north, and Los Angeles in the southwest. Route 95 is the only way to get to Reno and Carson City.


Las Vegas population

In the 10 years from 1990 to 2000, the population of Las Vegas increased by 80%, reaching about 1.9 million in 2013. And the city’s appeal is slowly becoming more diverse.

Population The urban population is 552,500 (2006). The population density is 1,604 people/Km². The metropolitan population is 1.7775 million.

The residents of Las Vegas and Clark County have a population of more than 1.5 million, with an annual population growth rate of 4%. On average, 5,000 people move to live here every month. The county has a population of more than 2 million residents.

The average population density of Las Vegas is 1,604 people per square kilometer, of which 74.7% whites, 12.1% blacks, 4.3% Asians, and 0.8% Indians and Alaska Natives, except for the yellow people doing business in Chinatown, in casinos The dealers are many Asians.


Las Vegas History

“Las Vegas” comes from Spanish, meaning “fertile green grass”, because Las Vegas is the only oasis with spring water in the surrounding desolate desert and semi-desert. Railway station.

Las Vegas was built in 1854 by Mormons in the western United States at that time. Later, the Mormons moved away, and the American soldiers turned it into a military station, but the population here is still very small.

Las Vegas opened in 1905. After the discovery of gold and silver mines in Nevada, a large influx of gold prospectors began to prosper in Las Vegas, but like mining towns in the West, once the mines were exhausted, they were abandoned. On January 1, 1910, all casinos and brothels were closed.

In 1931, during the Great Depression in the United States, in order to overcome the economic difficulties, the Nevada state legislature passed a bill to legalize gambling, and Las Vegas became a gambling city, and it has risen rapidly since then. The main economic pillar of

Las Vegas is the gaming industry. Because the casino is a gold rush, tycoons from all over the United States have invested in Las Vegas to build casinos, and even Japanese rich people, Arab princes, and famous actors have all invested.

In 1990, even Chinatown settled in Las Vegas, which soon became a gathering place for Asian Americans, and Las Vegas became the fastest growing city in the United States.

The name of Las Vegas comes from the western pioneers many years ago. People named this desolate and arid barren land as “grassland” to pray for a fertile grassland for grazing cattle and sheep.

In the middle of the 19th century, an army lieutenant who visited Las Vegas once despaired that no one would set foot in this desert from now on, but a hundred years had turned the former barrenness into today’s prosperous scene.

In the fertile pastures of Las Vegas, people are grazing with endless desires, but who is the one who looks after these lambs? Woolen cloth?


Merchants from Mexico discovered this huge valley and began to settle here. Then a group of Mormons from Utah immigrated here.

Union Pacific Railroad access made it prosperous. A small town is established.

May 15, 1905
“Las Vegas” was officially established.

The Hoover Dam was built 47 kilometers southeast of it, and Lake Mead behind the dam is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world. Sufficient hydropower supply has also promoted the development of Las Vegas.

The Nevada state legislature officially passed a bill to legalize gambling.


Large casinos appeared in Las Vegas. In the 1950s, it developed into a famous tourist destination featuring gambling, and in the 1960s, it opened up a desert convalescence area.

The city’s economy is mainly dependent on tourism, and the city has many luxurious nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and casinos, including the Charleston Entertainment District and the Canyons National Exposition.

On the outskirts of the city are mining areas and ranches, including the large-scale Nellis Air Force Base, the U.S. Energy Institute and the Development Agency’s Nevada Proving Ground.

Every year at the Herdorado Festival in May, residents wear old western clothing for rodeos and parades.


Las Vegas was founded in 1905. In the 1930s, the state of Nevada decided to make gambling a legal business, and almost overnight, casinos were established in downtown areas, such as the Charleston Entertainment District and the National Exposition in Death Valley. The name of Las Vegas’ “Casino” also spread.

250 casinos and more than 60,000 “slot eaters” are open day and night, and their style can be compared with Monte Carlo, the world casino city of Monaco in Europe. Las Vegas now has the world’s top resort hotels, world-class large-scale performances and high-tech entertainment facilities.


City Information

City Name: The City of Las Vegas

Longitude and latitude: The city center is located at 36 degrees 10 minutes 30 seconds north latitude and 115 degrees 08 minutes 11 seconds west longitude.

State: Nevada State

County: Clark County. In 1909, Las Vegas became the county administrative center of Clark County.

Established: May 15, 1905

Mayor: Oscar B. Goodman

Area: The urban area is 340.0 square kilometers, of which the land area is 339.8 square kilometers and the water area is 0.16 square kilometers. The city of Las Vegas covers an area of ​​712 square kilometers.

Altitude: The city’s average elevation is 610 meters.

Population: Las Vegas landmark population The urban population is 552,500 (2006).

Population density: 1,604 people per square kilometer. The metropolitan population is 1.7775 million.

Time: Pacific Standard Time (PST). UTC-8.

Daylight saving time is the US Pacific Time Zone (PDT). UTC-7.

In the 10 years from 1990 to 2000, the population of Las Vegas increased by 80%, reaching about 1.9 million in 2013. And the city’s appeal is slowly becoming more diverse.

This city is no longer synonymous with “Casino”. Here you can find food, art, entertainment, all the elements of a diverse city.

Las Vegas, the most unrooted place in the world, finally has its roots deeply rooted.


Culture and Art

Las Vegas is a famous convention and exhibition city in the world. In 2002, a total of 5.1 million people attended various exhibitions in Las Vegas. There are two major convention centers in Las Vegas.

1. Las Vegas Conventions Center


2. Sand Expo Center



Stratosphere Tower
Stratosphere Tower


The Palazzo
The Palazzo


Trump International Hotel & Tower
Trump International Hotel & Tower


Wynn Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas


Paris Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas


New York-New York Hotel & Casino
New York-New York Hotel & Casino


Palms Place
Palms Place


Bellagio Resort & Casino
Bellagio Resort & Casino


Sky Las Vegas
Sky Las Vegas


THEhotel at Mandalay Bay
THEhotel at Mandalay Bay


“Suicide Capital”

In addition to being known as the “Casino of the World” and a porn paradise, Las Vegas is also a “suicide capital” and a paradise for marriages and divorces.

Since 1998, 282-292 people have committed suicide in Las Vegas each year, and an average of 22.3 people out of 100,000 people have taken the road to death, the highest suicide rate among U.S. cities. Most of the suicides are local people, most of whom are male, and foreign tourists account for 10% of the suicides.

Most of the suicides chose to shoot, and some gamblers jumped directly from the high-rise casino. The reason for suicide is all because of losing too much gambling in Las Vegas.

Many people with problems originally had hopes and fantasies to go to Las Vegas for a last-ditch effort, but the unselfish Las Vegas could not tolerate these failed people, and they finally had to go to God with despair.


“Marriage City”

Las Vegas, which enjoys the title of “Marriage Capital of the World”, has a marriage registration office that never closes. On average, nearly 120,000 couples of men and women come here to register for marriage every year, of which foreigners and foreigners account for 65%-75%.

At the marriage registry, you can see couples of young, middle-aged and old people filling out marriage forms, some with huge age gaps and some carrying bamboo baskets with sleeping babies.

No need to show supporting documents, just pay the $55 registration fee, and the marriage registry fully believes any lies people make up, can get a marriage certificate in 15 minutes, and then find a priest at a nearby church to hold the wedding.

If the men and women who come to Las Vegas to get married alone have no relatives, friends or acquaintances to witness the marriage, they can bring random strangers on the street as witnesses, on the condition of giving each other dozens of dollars in tips.

For the thrill, people can have a helicopter or balloon wedding in the air accompanied by a priest, which can cost a few thousand dollars. Some people say that getting married in Las Vegas is as convenient as eating fast food.

Marriage is easy, and divorce is also easy. Under Nevada law, people can get a divorce certificate as long as one of the parties lives in Las Vegas for three months.

Many movie stars and celebrities like to come to Las Vegas to get married and end up getting divorced in the city as well. In the early morning of January 3,

2004, singer Britney Spears and childhood friend Jason unknowingly registered and held a lightning wedding in Las Vegas, deceiving the American entertainment media who were following behind the buttocks all day.

But two days later, Britney and her groom received a Las Vegas court verdict annulling their marriage, ending their flamboyant 55-hour marriage.



“LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL” and “LAS VEGAS SUN” are the two main newspapers in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has 30 radio stations and nine television stations.



This is one of the casino’s signature aerial shows, which has been on for nearly 20 years.

As many as 100 singers and dancers dressed in luxurious costumes and headwear worth more than five thousand dollars, the Broadway-style singing and dancing performance is worth seeing for the first time to the casino.

At the end of the show, the performance of the sinking of the luxury cruise ship Titanic reached its climax. This show has a huge lineup and is enduring, and the performance is quite shocking.

1. Jubilee!

It is a Top Show with a showgirl character, and its advertising slogan is “25 years of nothing to hide”. The actresses in the dance are naked, but this signature Top Show has been performed for 25 years.


2. Bellagio – “O”

Canadian circus Cirque du Soleil’s latest masterpiece, the first to try water theater.

Featuring a strong lineup of 81 multinational entertainers performing in, on and above 1.5 million gallons (5.68 million liters) of pool water. The spectacle is spectacular, very shocking and creative.

“O” Top Show, stage props and equipment cost a total of 92 million US dollars, the stage includes a 1.5 million gallon pool, 25 feet deep, and the minimum ticket price is 100 yuan.


3. Clint Holmes – Harrahs

The charismatic Clint Holmes is unforgettable for both his superb dancing and his magnetic voice. The versatile Holmes can not only sing pop music, but is also proficient in classical and jazz music.

One of the most exciting performances is called I Wanna Be. The members of the band play the classic works of their idols one by one. It is a good show, and music fans must not miss it.

4. Humor master Danny Gans can imitate more than 60 celebrities, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, etc., whether in action or singing, it is full of entertainment effects, and has been named the best artist of the year in Las Vegas for many times.

5. World Magic Champion – Lance Burton is one of the most unforgettable and amazing magicians.

During his more than two decades of magic career, he has won numerous world awards. Monte Carlo cost 27 million dollars to build, the theater named after Lance Burton is magnificent, and the audience will be immersed in his magical world of magic. Suitable for the whole family to watch.

6. Riviera – Splash

A brand new cool show, a must-see show, a gorgeous and spectacular performance, will bring you endless excitement. Splash combines a traditional cabaret show with a modern ice skating show, combined with daring and thrilling motorcycle stunts. Breathtaking. Topless performances are not allowed under the age of 18.

7. Treasure Island – Mystere

Since its premiere in 1993, five million people have watched another masterpiece by the Canadian circus Cirque de Soleil. 72 performers sing and dance, combined with unparalleled acrobatic performances, will transport you into a colorful, beautiful singing magical sensory world.

8. Stratosphere – American Superstar

A large collection of superstar imitation shows, as if Elvis, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin and other big stars came to sing live, singing and dancing, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

Audiences also have the opportunity to meet your favorite actors backstage. The tickets for the dinner plus show are more cost-effective and suitable for the whole family to watch.


Las Vegas Travel

  • Attractions Adventure Amusement Park

It is the largest and most popular amusement center in Las Vegas. It is divided into nine themed areas including Csablanca, Plaza, New York, The Strip, Asia, and Village in the 33-acre site.

There are cabaret shows and live performances going on all day long, as well as weird and terrifying games that can’t be played all day long.

  • redstone canyon

Located west of downtown Las Vegas, it is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Southern Nevada. It was an underwater world 600 million years ago. After several crustal changes,

Formed today’s redstone spectacle. Going to Red Rock Canyon, starting from Las Vegas Avenue and heading west, the most direct road is Charleston Street, Charleston, go all the way to the west, cross the 215 Ring Road, and drive about five miles to reach Red Rock Canyon Park Entrance.

After swimming in Red Rock Canyon, if you continue to go south and drive five miles, the gate of Spring Mountain Farm State Park is on the right side of the road. This park has the feeling of being isolated from the world. It is an oasis in the desert.

The whole farm is surrounded by green lawns. The farm building is in the middle of the big lawn, and there are many famous anecdotes in it.

  • MGM Plaza

It is the largest entertainment plaza in the casino. It is located at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropical Road in the central area of ​​the casino. It was completed at the end of 1993. The hotel is unique in the shape of the emerald green glass exterior.

The hotel under the emerald green glass is composed of four main buildings. The architectural style of the hotel imitates the Italian Florentine villa in the 18th century. The decoration is based on the themes of Hollywood, South American style, Casablanca and desert oasis.

Especially the bathrooms made of Italian marble are more luxurious.

As soon as you enter the gate, you will see marbles from Italy set off all kinds of bizarre decorations, which are dazzling and luxurious.

It retains the roughness and enthusiasm of the development of the western era, and its charm lies in reminiscent of the western part of the pioneering era: the owner of the casino is the king, and he controls all the beauties and money in Huadu.

In the whole world, it is probably the closest to nothing. structured society. At the entrance of the hotel stands a huge golden lion surrounded by a fountain. The hotel is just like the hero standing in front of the door.

  • Lyle Children’s Museum

There are 130 interactive exhibitions, which allow children to learn about life in the adult world through games, such as work, making money, saving money, and shopping on the street. There are also games for children to experience the inconvenience of using crutches and wheelchairs for the blind and deaf.

  • knife show resort

Las Vegas is the second largest knife show in the United States after the Atlanta Knife Show. They provide an online interactive platform. By 2013, many high-end knife dealers have participated in this interactive platform and provided customized knives at the Atlanta Knife Show for this platform.

Although it is not as large as Atlanta, the two knife shows have their own advantages. The Atlanta Knife Show is large in scale and more diversified in content. The exhibitors are mainly from Europe.

The staff of the Las Vegas Knife Show are mainly from the western United States and various regions in Asia, such as Japan and other countries.

Because the scale of the knife show is smaller, there are more opportunities to talk to knife manufacturers, and the atmosphere of the exhibition hall is more warm. Therefore, these advantages make many people have a soft spot for the Las Vegas knife show.

Travel Tips: Free performances

Musical fountain in front of the Bellazio: $1 billion to create, every 15 minutes.

The light show on Fremont Street in the southeast commercial center of the city: the sky is completely formed by lights, and cartoon characters fly out under the accompaniment of music, playing a fairy tale.

Treasure Island Hotel “Pirate Ship” show: The gun battle between the pirate ship and the warship is also exciting.

Other Tips

Food: It is recommended to eat the buffet in the hotel. The price is not very expensive and the products are very good. Bellagio, Paris Aladin and Mandalay Bay are recommended.

Entertainment: Shows in almost every hotel in Las Vegas, in addition to the ones mentioned above, other particularly popular shows include: Broadway show “Mamamia” at the Mandela Bay Hotel, The Venetian The “Blue Man” staged in the hotel, etc.

Other attractions: Away from downtown Las Vegas, surrounded by the natural beauty of Nevada. If the travel time is sufficient, it is usually possible to further arrange to Lake Mead where the Hoover Dam is located, and the Grand Canyon West.

The latter’s natural wonders are very unique. Eagle Rock and the Colorado River can be seen on the rock at 3,500 feet.

Reminder: Las Vegas is located inland, the climate is very dry and hot, and it is not suitable for outdoor activities except swimming.


Precautions for tourist attractions

1. Most hotels in the United States do not provide toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers and other related toiletries, please prepare by yourself.

2. The sunshine in the United States is very strong. You can prepare parasols, shading hats, sunglasses and sunscreen lotions to pay attention to sun protection.

3. If you have emergency medicines for travel, please try to bring packaged medicines, preferably with English names, and store the medicines in a unified manner.

It is recommended that you inform the team leader before entering the customs for your reference.

4. There is a charge for calling the outside line from the phone in the hotel room. This fee is relatively expensive. It is recommended to buy a local phone card for use.

5. Smoking is not allowed in most hotel rooms, and some hotels have completely banned smoking.

If you need a smoker, please ask for a smoking room before you check in, or ask where you can smoke. Losses caused by smoking in non-smoking rooms will be fully borne by the smoker.


Science And Education

The University of Las Vegas embodies the characteristics of the city. The school has the largest tourism college in the United States with a 35-year history, and ranks second in the United States in exhibition, tourism, and hotel management.

The University of Las Vegas is accredited by the Northwest Association of Colleges and Universities, and in 2000 the school once again underwent a comprehensive review and was accredited by the Association’s College Board. The school is very safe and there are plenty of outdoor activities.

All of the school’s courses are recognized by the Northwest United Commission, and the school is known for its campus security, with constant patrols by campus police every night.

The alumni association is composed of more than 60,000 students, more than 72% of whom live in Nevada, and has donated $5.9 million to the school as student scholarships so far.

International students receive special attention and support from the moment they arrive.

Including a specific program, tutoring and help with course registration, health insurance information, community services, shopping, bank account opening, rental information, international student exchange events information and other services.


Physical Geography

Las Vegas is located in a valley region of Nevada surrounded by inhospitable rocky deserts and the Gobi, with little rainfall, hot summers, cold and windy winters, and occasional heavy rains that cause flooding.

There is an elevated railway in the city. The total area is 293.6Km², and the average population density is 1,630 Km², of which whites account for about 70%, 23% are Hispanic whites, blacks account for 10%, and Asians account for 5%. There are a lot of Asians in the dealers.

The natural environment Las Vegas is located on the edge of the Nevada desert in the United States, surrounded by mountains of 1000-3000 meters.

Las Vegas has four distinct seasons.

Summer is a typical desert climate, and the temperature at noon is often as high as about 38℃, and the highest is over 45℃. Temperatures are relatively cool at night. There are frequent thunderstorms and above-average temperatures.

In winter, the climate is generally mild and suitable, and the average temperature during the day is around 15℃.

Spring and summer are still the most pleasant seasons, although there are occasional very high temperatures.

Las Vegas is rarely hit by severe weather and has one of the lowest relative humidity areas of any major city in the country. It is surrounded by desert, as dry as Death Valley.

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