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Lizzo’s Chrome French Manicure Is an Edgy Twist On a Classic

Lizzo selfie

Lizzo’s star power is indisputable, and her heart shines just as bright as the sequin ensembles she wears on stage. The musician constantly sheds light on political and social issues on social media, during her performances, and even through her shapewear brand, Yitty. She recently posted a swimsuit thirst trap in response to the online criticism she’s received, and her chrome-dipped French manicure was the perfect addition to her poolside look.

On June 4, Lizzo shared photos of herself in a blush pink Yitty swimsuit with the caption, “Never beating the fat-ass allegations…” Lizzo has been the victim of body-shaming on the internet, and recently took to the stage to tell her fans they’re worthy of acceptance. She previously posted a video from her Lizzo: The Special 2our where she holds up a sign that reads, “I’m sorry people on Twitter suck. You are beautiful and special.” In the video’s caption, she writes, “I will never shut up about how difficult y’all make it for fat people to simply exist. Minding your business is *free*.” Her most recent post is a tongue-in-cheek nod to all the haters who will simply never quiet Lizzo as she advocates for body neutrality and self-love.

Lizzo in a pink bathing suit and chrome French manicure


Lizzo’s poolside pic shows off her lengthy copper hair and her stunning chrome French manicure, which sits at a short length and features a soft square shape. Like most French manicures, Lizzo’s nails feature a creamy beige base—but instead of filling in her tip with a traditional French white, she added a silver chrome color that makes it look like she dipped her fingertips in metal.

Nicola Peltz Beckham wore a similar platinum French manicure to the Met Gala this year, and Lizzo herself recently played on the traditional French manicure by creating a Barbie French with soft pink tips. While white French tips have been all the rage these past few seasons, we predict that fun colors and designs will dominate as the weather warms up.

Recreating Lizzo’s chrome French manicure is pretty simple: you’ll just need patience and the right products. Like any French manicure, push your cuticles back first, then file and buff your nails to your desired shape. After that, apply nude nail polish onto the entire nail plate. If you’re a pro, you can apply chrome powder to your nail tips to create a French design. If you’re a novice, paint French tips onto each nail with metallic silver nail polish. Finally, seal the manicure with a top coat for a manicure that’s fun, futuristic, and perfect for flipping off online trolls.


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