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Megan Fox in a black dress

A black and red color combo has always had a touch of darkness to it—it’s Harley Quinn’s signature palette for a reason—and nobody wears the colors better than our goth queen, Megan Fox. Since wiping her entire Instagram clean, Fox has been stepping back into the spotlight wearing some gorgeous manis that are edgy but easily replicable. Case in point: she was just spotted in Berlin wearing a cherry Jello manicure.

On June 7, Fox attended Machine Gun Kelly’s concert in Berlin wearing a plunging scoop-neck catsuit with a sheer pattern throughout. She’s been into leather lately—she wore an all-leather outfit while in London last week—and this time around, she wore a classic black moto jacket slouched off her shoulders. She paired the look with a turquoise pendant necklace and the bright copper hair she’s been wearing for most of the year.

megan fox wears a plunging black sheer catsuit and a cherry Jello manicure

 We don’t know if this was planned, but her jacket’s bright red lining matches her nails perfectly. Just last week, the actor was spotted wearing a black cherry manicure with an almost identical shape to this week’s bright Jello manicure. She wore long stiletto-shaped nails that came to a sharp point and featured a sheer bright red color.

Jello nails feature a bright and juicy color with just a hint of sheerness, and the trend is already making waves with celebs. Stars like Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian Barker have already hopped on this trend, and now with Fox’s stamp of approval, we think cherry Jello nails could be the manicure trend of the summer.

Sheer nail polish is pretty easy to apply, but you’ll want to start off with an ultra-smooth base. After filing and buffing your nails, “[use] a ridge-filling base coat to ensure the color doesn’t settle into the lines and imperfections on your nail beds,” Emily H. Rudman, Founder & CEO of Emilie Heathe, previously told Byrdie.

You can use a semi-sheer firetruck red, like the Londontown Perfecting Nail Veil #8 ($20) to get this look, or you can make your own jelly red shade. “It’s easier to control the opacity when starting from a clear base, so pour some of your base coat into a small container first, then add the nail color a few drops at a time until you achieve your desired look,” Rudman instructs. Once you’ve landed on your color, apply two-to-three coats, depending on your desired opacity. Finally, seal it all in with a super-shiny top coat for a manicure that will suit anything on your summer agenda.







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