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Madison Bailey of Outer Banks Has a $5 Brow Secret You Need to Hear

madison bailey

It’s been a heavy year, one that has called for massive transition and adaptation. On the lighter side of the spectrum, 2020 has forced us (or enabled us, if you’re a glass-half-full kind of person) to get a bit creative as far as our usual beauty treatments are concerned. We’ve spent a lot of time discovering how to take care of ourselves safely and from home. We’ve tried DIY manicures, lash extension alternatives, and at-how brow maintenance tricks and tips. And as it turns out, the DIY-beauty surge applies to celebrities, too. We spoke to Madison Bailey of Netflix’s Outer Banks about the beauty solutions and tools she’s gotten into and how she’s adjusted her beauty routine to be as mask-friendly as possible. Her main tip? Using Schick’s Hyrdro Silk Touch-Up Dermaplaning Tool to gently shape her brows. The best part? It only costs $5.

“I like to keep my arch pretty natural and not take too much off,” Bailey says, explaining that’s exactly why the Touch-Up razor works for her. “Using the tool makes it so easy to quickly get rid of stray hairs and keep my brows shaped up from home.”

For many people, mastering at-home brow maintenance can be intimidating. Many of us have had to learn how to get things just right the hard way, too (there’s nothing worse than accidentally taking out a chunk of your brow’s arch by overplucking or waxing). Luckily, though, Bailey walked us through exactly how she uses the razor.

“I like to hold the skin taut and go slowly over the area once or twice,” Bailey explains. “My biggest piece of advice if you want to keep your natural arch like me, is to take a step back away from the mirror every so often, so you can really see the progress and decide how much more you want to clean up.”

If you’re not quite convinced to try this brow shaping technique yourself, just take a look at Bailey’s Instagram and you might change your mind. I mean… #BrowGoals.

Plus, in a world where most of our faces will be covered with masks for the foreseeable future, having a strong brow can be more important than ever—especially when it comes to expressing ourselves. To demonstrate the power of brows, Bailey partnered with Hydro Silk and a body language expert to show how to communicate nonverbally while wearing a mask. If you’re constantly concerned that no one ever knows you’re smiling now, this could help. As Bailey says, “Brows are more powerful than you think.”


As for Bailey’s brow shaping tips for after she’s used the touch-up razor, she says she only uses one product to give her arches some volume and shape. “I’ve found using a gel just pulls your whole look together,” Bailey says.

If you haven’t already done the math, the cost of a Hydro Silk Touch Up razor plus a great brow gel is probably less than you spent on coffee in the last couple weeks—not to mention way less than you spent on professional brow waxing or threading before 2020. Proof that DIY beauty in 2020 doesn’t have to be intimidating, scary, or expensive.

schick hydro silk
Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Dermaplaning Tool $5.00

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