Madonna’s New Curly Shullet Is Such a Slay

Madonna on stage

Madonna has always been one to break the rules—and look fabulous doing so. While the biggest current trends call for perfection—like fluffy blowouts and ruler-straight bobs—the icon just debuted what will surely be the alt-hairstyle of the summer. Introducing: Madonna’s fiery copper shullet.

Over the weekend, Madonna shared a selfie with the relatable caption, “When you know your only day off isn’t really a day off.” She looks pretty mysterious and wears a black T-shirt, rose lipstick, and a bare face while offering a Kubrick stare right into the camera. Madonna has had copper hair for a while now, and although she’s tried everything from loop braids to tousled curls in the past few months, the singer now has a red shullet haircut that reaches just below her collarbones and features bangs and tons of layers throughout her natural curls.

Throughout the decades, the star has reinvented herself while testing out the most daring trends of the time, so the fact that she’s gone all-in on the divisive mullet trend comes as no surprise.

Madonna wears a black tee with a red curly shullet haircut

So, what exactly is a shullet? In short, it’s a blend of the ‘70s shag and the mullet since it has the short-on-top-long-on-the-bottom shape of the latter style with the blended layers of the former. Mullets have always been polarizing and saved for those who aren’t afraid to take beauty risks—but a layered shullet is the perfect way to test out the cool-kid hairdo without going full art school cosplay. Plus, as the warm weather rolls around, a shullet is amazing for trimming away heat-inducing weight from your hair while still holding onto both length and volume.

“[A shullet] is a great option if you like the idea of a mullet but want to keep some length in your hair,” Virtue ambassador and celebrity hairstylist Rena Calhoun previously told Byrdie. Whether you have naturally pin-straight hair or curly hair, you can opt into this trend by speaking to your stylist about adding layers that start around your bang length and taper down to your ends. And styling is super easy—there aren’t many rules since shullets air dry gorgeously, no matter if you have straight or curly hair. In short, it’s the perfect warm-weather haircut if you want something that adds dimension and cool-enough-for-Madonna vibes to your look.


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