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Milani’s Conceal and Perfect Liquid Contour Makes Sculpted Makeup Easy

Milani Conceal + Perfect Liquid Contour on marble background

We put the Milani Conceal + Perfect Liquid Contour to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

Learning how to contour can feel overwhelming: So many tutorials, products, and opinions on the best methods are available that it can be hard to know where to start. But here’s the deal: Contouring doesn’t need to be difficult, and several products are available to help you achieve a seamlessly sculpted look with minimal effort. Recently, I tested out the Milani Conceal + Perfect Liquid Contour to see if this affordable option is as effective and easy to use as it claims. Keep reading for my thoughts and tips on using this product to achieve sculpted, contoured skin.



BEST FOR: Most skin types and anyone looking for a seamless, easy contouring process.

USES: A formula and applicator for creating day and night makeup looks, as well as contouring the cheeks, nose, and forehead.


POTENTIAL ALLERGENS: Vinyl dimethicone, silica, mica, titanium dioxide

PRICE: $11

ABOUT THE BRAND: Milani Cosmetics is a makeup brand that works to offer prestige products to consumers at affordable prices. 68% of the brand’s products are manufactured in North America, with most of the remainder being made in Europe. By reducing its overhead in other ways, Milani is able to offer quality products at a fraction of the price of luxury competitors. Milani Cosmetics is available at retailers including Ulta Beauty, Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, and H-E-B.

About My Makeup Routine: Contour is key

I’m a daily makeup wearer and contour my face every time I apply my makeup. I prefer a natural look, but I still love my skin to look sculpted and highlighted. Typically, I start with a light foundation or tinted moisturizer, then move on to contour, blush, and highlighter. I prefer to use cream contour products, and I rarely ever use any type of powder. Some cream contour products I have on regular rotation are from Westman Atelier and Saie Beauty.

How to Apply: Map out and blend

Byrdie writer Ashley Rebecca wears unblended Milani liquid contour in strategic areas of her face

No matter your face shape, it’s imperative to know where you want to sculpt and contour your features and practice until you find your ideal routine. I personally love to contour my cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, so I applied the product in small dots on my cheekbones (I prefer to contour a bit higher than my hollows), then added dots around my forehead, the sides of my nose and chin, and then a tiny amount on my eyelids as a shadow color that blends with the rest of my makeup.

Byrdie writer Ashley Rebecca applies Milani liquid contour to her cheek

The small, circular sponge applicator of Milani’s Conceal + Perfect Liquid Contour allows you to add product in a way that’s easy to blend and build. Once I mapped out where I wanted to contour, I blended the formula in with a slanted brush in an upward motion to continue the lifting effect. You can also use a foundation brush or damp makeup sponge to blend—it’s all up to your preference and whatever you have on hand.

The Results: Sculpted, natural-looking skin

Byrdie writer Ashley Rebecca's radiant makeup look after applying Milani liquid contour

If you start small with the Milani liquid contour, you’ll end up with a result that looks natural instead of overdone. While I wish there was a wider shade range to ensure a close match for more skin tones, once I blended the product and paired it with blush and highlighter, my skin looked as natural as I prefer, and I was able to make the shade work.

I will note that the name “Conceal + Perfect” is a tad misleading, as this is more of a contouring product than a concealer. While some might be able to use the formula as concealer if it matches their skin, there aren’t enough shades to offer concealing benefits for everyone. Milani does have other concealers with more shades available, so this particular product is best left to contouring.

The Value: Affordable but fairly small

At $11, Milani’s Conceal + Perfect Liquid Contour is pretty affordable, though we will note that the product size is fairly small in comparison with some competitors. Still, the price is accessible and seems fair for the impressive results and ease of use you’ll get with this product.

Similar Products: You’ve got options

Tarte Sculpt Tape Contour: This contouring and sculpting product ($35) comes in five shades and includes shea butter to hydrate, licorice root to color-correct, and mineral pigments that help soften skin’s appearance. Use the circular sponge applicator to dot the areas you want to contour and blend with your favorite brush or sponge.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand: Formulated to sculpt cheekbones, this contour formula ($42) comes with a sponge applicator for control. We will note that it only comes in two shades, although the lightweight formula makes it easier to blend into a range of skin tones. Apply the product where you want your desired contour and blend until you’ve got the definition you’re after.

KVD Beauty ModCon Long-Wear Hydrating Liquid-Gel Contour: With eight shades to choose from, this contouring gel ($30) comes with a doe-foot applicator that’s transfer-resistant. Swipe the product on using your finger or a brush, then build the color and contour for a more defined look. You can use this to contour your forehead, nose, jawline, cheekbones, and more.

Final Verdict

If you can find a shade that’s suitable for your skin tone, Milani’s Conceal + Perfect Liquid Contour is definitely worth a try. With an accessible price point, easy-to-use applicator, and formula that blends well on the skin, this contouring product is likely to become a welcome addition to your makeup bag.


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