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Milk Bath Nails Are the Ethereal Manicure of Our Dreams

Milk bath nails with pink and purple flowers and gold foil accents

There are always reasons to look forward to getting your nails done, but it’s easy to become stumped from time to time on what colors and styles to choose. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent a good while searching through booklets of polish colors only to end up with something you regularly get (guilty on all counts). Sometimes, it takes a bit more research to find that refreshing design that gets us excited to book our next appointment.

If you need inspiration for your next manicure, you’ve come to the right place: Milk bath nails are trending, and for good reason, as they have the most romantic and ethereal vibes. Traditionally, milk bath nails are composed of milky acrylic dip powders or gel with tiny, dried flowers embedded into the sheer or “milky” color polish so the blooms stand out. You can be as creative and colorful as you like with the flowers, and even add accents like diamonds or pearls if you’re feeling fancy.

Need to see it for yourself? We get it. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite milk bath nails that will have you wanting to try this manicure trend ASAP.

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Bright and Cheerful

Milk bath nails with pink, blue, and yellow flowers

Adorn your nails with bright and cheerful flowers the next time you want to add a pop of color. These blue, green, pink, and yellow flowers set in a sheer pink color complement each other and are beautifully done.

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Gold Is Always a Good Idea

Milk bath nails with pink and purple flowers and gold flakes

Take your milk bath nails to the next level with some gold foil accents for maximum effect. The pink, purple, and blue flowers shine next to the gold, creating an air of luxurious romance perfect for your regencycore dreams. If you’re trying this at home and aren’t sure where to find dried flowers, peruse Etsy and Amazon to find several different options.

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Soft Pastels

White milk bath nails with pink and red flowers

Soft pinks and pastel green adorn the nails for this milk bath manicure that reminds us of sunny, happy spring weather. The white, milky base is the ideal accent for these tones, adding a lovely romantic touch.

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Tiny, Delicate Buds

Milk bath nails with multicolored dried flowers

The tiniest of flowers can make a big impact, and these little buds have captured our hearts. Purple, blue, and orange flowers with delicate stems show off just how beautiful milk bath manicures can be. It’s also important to note that your nails don’t need to be long to wear this trend: Shorter nails can showcase just as many flowers when they’re placed appropriately on the nail bed.

If you’re opting not to use gel or acrylic for your milk bath nails and want to do it with traditional polish, that’s okay, too. Start with a soft, sheer pink base like Essie’s Ballet Slippers ($10) or Rue from Zoya ($12). After applying two coats, gently place the flowers where you want them with a pair of tweezers and let them settle. Follow with a top coat to set the flowers, then let dry. It might take time to get the hang of it, but it’s worth trying next time your nails need some TLC and you’re inspired to do something different.

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Think Pink

Pale pink milk bath nails with pink and green dried flowers

Love pink? You’re in great company. These hot pink and blue-green flowers are set in a pastel shade that’s subtle enough for everyday wear, creating an excellent contrast on the nails. Having the flowers as accents on the middle and ring fingers only makes the design feel more creative. When in doubt, pink is always a great idea.

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Jewel Tones

Milk bath nails with orange, yellow, and purple flowers and gold foil

Purple, red, and gold jewel tones adorn these soft pink milk bath nails. The color combination here is stunning and suits the nail shape perfectly. The balance of the flowers and gold foil is so well done that we’re bookmarking this as a favorite for our next manicure.

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Variety is Key

Milk bath manicure with pink and light blue accent flowers

Giving your milk bath nails variety is key when wanting them to stand out. We love this manicure and how every other nail is different and unique. The nearly clear polish showcases the romantic pink and blue flowers, while a more pastel pink adorns the other nails for contrast and variety. You can be as creative as you want when planning your next milk bath mani.

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Delicate and Dainty

Milk bath nails with blue, gold, pink, and green flowers

The flowers in this manicure are delicate and dainty, proving that nail art doesn’t need to be out of your comfort zone if you’re just starting to experiment with it and want something softer. The tiny buds set in a sheer pink gel work so well—the shape is also just round enough to showcase a hint of French tips.

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Gold and Pink Chic

Milk bath nails with pink flowers and gold foil

Another example of how gold foil instantly elevates a manicure, this combination of bold pink flowers and gold creates stunning milk bath nails that we’d wear on repeat. The flowers are placed around the center of the nails while the gold foil creates a bit of a border—it’s just gorgeous in every way.

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Sparkly Accents

White manicure with pink and gold milk bath accent nails

You can get as creative as you want with milk bath nails, and these gemstone accents prove just that. Dried flowers become accent statements on the ring fingers, and the tiny gems on the pointer fingers are a welcome addition, standing out in the best way possible.

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Happy, Shiny Nails

Orange manicure with floral milk bath accent nails

We give the use of color in this milk bath manicure an A+ and then some. The orange polish alongside milky accent nails truly switches things up, and the chic orange and gold flowers sit so delicately. You can experiment with as many orange shades as you like—here, the pinky and pointer finger colors are different yet work beautifully together for a milk bath masterpiece.

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