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NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Smooth Shampoo Gives Me Consistent Sleek Blowouts

NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Smooth Shampoo

We put NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Smooth Shampoo to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

When it comes to hair care routines, no two people have exactly the same needs. Factors such as thin or thick density, fine or coarse strands, and whether your hair is oily or dry all come into play when building your perfect regimen.

In my case, all factors point to two major needs: Frizz control and hydration. NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Smooth Shampoo claims to deliver just that through ingredients such as argan extract, quinoa, and yuzu. Does it deliver? Read on for my full review.


BEST FOR: All hair types

USES: Frizz control and hydration

PRICE: $15

ABOUT THE BRAND: Founded in 1997, NatureLab Tokyo combines Japan’s rich heritage with cutting-edge technology to create innovative haircare. The brand’s hero products include the Perfect Clean 2-In-1 Scalp Scrub & Clarifying Shampoo and Perfect Repair Treatment Masque.

About My Hair: Thick and frizz-prone

My hair is super thick, long, and color-treated, and since I do HIIT classes, I wash my hair at least twice a week—so I constantly use hydrating hair products and run out of shampoo in about a month and a half.

The Feel: Rich and clean 

The NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Smooth Shampoo feels lightweight and nonstick to the touch. When I put it in my hair, I found it easy to apply and spread. As someone with thick hair, this is crucial, because I want to ensure the product reaches my scalp. After rinsing, my hair did not feel overly dry (as it has with other shampoos I’ve used), and the citrus scent was light and not overpowering.

The Results: Smooth strands

Karla Ayala before and after using the Perfect Smooth Shampoo

I applied about two to three pumps of shampoo twice a week. I noticed that it has a refreshing citrus scent. I followed up with the brand’s Perfect Smooth Conditioner ($15). Right after I got out of the shower, I noticed that my hair was easy to comb through, which was a big plus. Some products leave my hair extremely dry and painful to brush, but not this one. After blow-drying my hair, I noticed it had less frizz.

After three weeks, my scalp was less itchy, and felt more hydrated. Following blowouts, my hair became softer, and frizz was no longer a big worry. My natural hair looked great after using this shampoo, with defined, hydrated waves.

The Value: More than worth it

NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Smooth Shampoo costs $15, and I’ll tell you why it’s worth every penny. You get 11.5 fl oz of product, more than many other brands’ standard sizes of 8-8.5 fl oz. It’s a great deal that will last you a long time. I love the clear packaging because you can actually see how much product you have left.

The brand offers five types of shampoo, each targeting a specific need: Shine, Smooth, Volume, Repair, and Curl. The Smooth shampoo makes my hair and scalp feel healthier. It does a great job of detangling my hair, making it more manageable, and leaving me with soft, refreshed strands.

Similar Products: You’ve got options

SheaMoisture Papaya and Neroli Frizz Control Shampoo: SheaMoisture’s Papaya and Neroli Frizz Control Shampoo ($12) is a hydrating and anti-frizz cleansing shampoo for dry, wavy, and curly hair. The ingredients include hydrating shea butter, making this a great option for those with coarse, dry, or damaged hair.

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo: Living Proof’s No Frizz Shampoo ($32) nourishes, gently cleanses, and removes buildup while protecting against humidity. I’ve been using this for a while, and it does make my hair smoother and helps to control frizz.

Final Verdict

NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Smooth Shampoo works wonders on my strands. After using it, my thick hair feels soft, has a beautiful shine, and smells lovely. If you’re looking for a shampoo that reduces frizz, feels lightweight, and leaves your hair super clean, you need to try this one.

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