One Perfect Pair of Jeans Worn 5 Ways for Autumn

Whether they’re trialling this season’s divisive colour trend, stepping out with the latest hot-off-the-press designer bag or championing an undiscovered label, fashion girls love being ahead of the curve. The moment something reaches peak style saturation, you’ll often see them doing a full 180 in order to hold onto their individuality. This season, this has manifested in the reemergence of baggy jeans, aka the denim style you thought you left behind in the noughties. Sorry about that.

Brought on by straight-leg jeans’ proliferation both on social media and in the general public over the last few years, this throwback style has garnered a steady stream of fans amongst Instagram’s trendsetters, who have relished its nonchalant, low-slung appeal. While I would never encourage people to pick up or drop trends purely because they’re “in” or “out” or simply too ubiquitous, I do enjoy the fresh outfit inspiration that these industry leaders provide me on a regular basis, especially when my wardrobe is feeling a little stale. After all, many of us may well have a looser denim style already sitting in our drawers. It’s just a case of playing around with the styling and finding a look that speaks to us at any given moment.

As someone who has historically been baggy jean–ambivalent, I wanted to road-test the style and discover whether I could be tempted to cheat on my trusty straight-leg styles. Turns out I could. I took my styling cues from the likes of Linda Tol and Camille Charrière, who have aced the baggy-jeans look using looser tailoring and relaxed fits to bring a more modern spin on the classic noughties style. Scroll down to see my outfits, which include a boxy blazer, smart layering, and more.

1. Baggy Jeans + Fitted Top + Waistcoat

Baggy jeans outfits



Style Notes: It was styling powerhouse Linda Tol who inspired this look, as she has really nailed the whole waistcoat-and–baggy jeans pairing over the last few months. Initially, I tried the waistcoat over a baggy shirt, but it felt a little “pirate cosplay,” so I opted for a slim-fit top instead (I found this Nanushka one on Depop), which balanced out the slouch of the denim. I think this outfit would look cute finished with an oversized trench coat. 

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