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& Other Stories Spring 2023 Series Launch, Listen to design director Malin Sone

Other stories is a women’s clothing brand under H&M, founded in 2013.

Although Other Stories is a subsidiary of HM, it has always been on the mid to high end route, so the price point will be slightly higher than that of HM. The style is simple and elegant, suitable for daily work and dating.

Compared to other brands under its umbrella,&Other Stories has a wider sales range and prices, covering all aspects of women’s lifestyles: accessories, shoes, bags, makeup, ready-made clothing, and underwear.

The prices range from $10 to $400. Compared to COS, a high-end brand under the same umbrella, it is more user-friendly.

From a stylistic perspective, if COS emphasizes a high and cold artistic sense,&Other Stories emphasizes individuality.



The 2023 Spring Collection of This&Other Stories features unique interpretations from three design studios in Stockholm, Paris, and Los Angeles, creating a slim and loose silhouette. Use cutting to present feminine shirt and dress pieces.


In order to better fit the spring atmosphere, this season’s classic windbreaker, vibrant blue and green, exquisite knitted items, and suits have opened a new season. Long trench coats can be paired with pants in colder weather, as well as printed skirts and knee length boots.


Straight or looser fitting pants elongate leg proportions and lines through visual effects. The tight corset style top and thin knit shirt make people stand out. At the same time, the well cut side slit skirt can be paired with shirts in the same color scheme; Jumpsuit pants, wrap around skirts, and brandy toned shoulder bags all add an elegant atmosphere to it.


The combination of micro flared pants and a well-designed shirt also embodies the natural and relaxed elegant style of this season. The bow tie, bubble sleeves, ruffled collar, or lingerie inspired details adorned with a white shirt can be perfectly matched with dark denim or silky black fabric. The combination of cocoa plaid pants, cream handbags, and thick heeled high heels is full of charm. The printed dress is adorned with romantic details such as bubble shoulders and butterfly sleeves; Practical jackets and vintage washed jeans can also balance the softness of clothing.


When it comes to spring, floral patterns are a popular element that must be mentioned. Undoubtedly, flowers have become the design highlight of this season, and the cream colored linen blend pants set also provides a more versatile styling choice: it can be paired with exquisite shirts, and a suit jacket can also be worn over a dress. The timeless classic style trench coat is made of lightweight linen material, making it an ideal seasonal transition piece, paired perfectly with ankle high heels or pointed mid heeled women’s shoes.

On the occasion of the launch of the&Other Stories Spring 2023 series, the author conducted an interview with Malin Sone, the design director of&Other Stories. What is Malin’s personal interpretation and perspective on this poetic and romantic series?


&Malin Sone, Design Director, Other Stories


What is the design inspiration for ELLE: 2023 Spring Collection?

MS: At the turn of winter and spring, fashionable and exquisite outerwear remains an important component of dressing. At the same time, the wearing and matching of the interior also began to create a casual fashion sense, and the design soul of this season’s products is the natural and relaxed elegance. The clothing categories launched this season include trench coats, exquisite suits, skirts, shirts, knitwear, skirts, and jeans. The main color scheme is the popular blue and green of the season, as well as black, cream, beige, and gray pink. The fabric is mainly made of cotton, linen, linen blend, and satin.

Create a relaxed and refined feel through customized items, pants or jeans, and distinctive shirts or dresses.

Can you please talk about your expectations for this series?

MS: Winter snow melting, everything is updated; The cheerful atmosphere brought by spring always makes people want to update their wardrobes. Therefore, we have always looked forward to integrating style categories suitable for special occasions with fashion categories suitable for daily wear. However, we still do not comment on sales expectations.

Why did you decide to release the 2023 Spring Collection in batches on a monthly basis?

MS: At&Other Stories, we are committed to bringing surprises to our customers in various ways. Monthly releases are not only a way to create expectations and surprises, but also facilitate us to timely capture and reflect the subtle changes in spring 2023 fashion.

No matter what design requirements you have, I believe the&Other Stories 2023 Spring Collection can meet your needs. Because this series includes both personalized categories tailored for special occasions and exquisite and fashionable daily wear, it is an exquisite collection that urban women cannot miss.


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