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Our 15 Favorite Fall Ombré Nail Designs of the Season

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Just as you might want to incorporate shades of burgundy, olive, camel, and mustard into your clothing choices, the same colors can work wonders for your autumn manicures. After all, your manicure is quite possibly your number one accessory, as it’s one beauty statement that’s everlasting—well, for a week or two (or three, if you’re lucky).

While you could absolutely paint your nails any one of these shades and call it a day, we implore you to get a bit more creative to really embrace the transitional element of the season. So, instead of opting for a single shade, consider tying a few into one stunning ombré nail look.

Whatever your preference, ahead you’ll find more than a dozen of our favorite takes on fall ombré nail designs, from traditional ombrés to modern gradient-style manicures. Keep reading to find your ultimate nail inspo for the weeks and months ahead.

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Nude Gradient

Ombré nails can have two meanings these days—a traditional ombré that fades from one shade to the next on the same nail, or modern “gradient” nails like these that feature a fade from nail to nail. We love this gradient-style swatch of nudes.

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Burnt Orange Ombré

If you feel confident in your DIY ombré nail abilities (or if you have your manicurist on speed dial to bring your nail looks to life), check out this impeccable seasonal fade. We love how the transition is inverted from nail to nail.

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Cafe Au Lait Fade

Autumn is home to a handful of neutral shades, making this nude-colored fade a stunning option for those who like to keep it more minimalist. While each nail features a different color polish, we dig how the white detailing overtop ties them all together.

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Amethyst Ombré

Amethyst is known to soothe stress and promote an overall tranquil vibe—something we could all use a little more of this year. And, as you’ll notice, the crystal also touts its very own ombré properties, making it a lovely crystal to recreate on your nails this fall.

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Pumpkin Fade

Shades of orange and yellow combine for a seriously sweet pumpkin pie-inspired nail look. For the ultimate orange worthy of your collection, check out OPI’s Nail Lacquer in Have Your Panettone and Eat it Too ($10).

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Spicy Ombré

Burgundy, orange, yellow, and glitter collide for a fiery fall fade we can’t take our eyes off of. And since it features a touch of negative space at the base, you won’t have to worry about instant grow-out.

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Asymmetric Stripes

Consider going halfsies on each nail with this asymmetric take on the look.

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Mocha Shimmer

Excuse us while we try to recreate these swirly, mocha-colored nails. The fade is so subtle yet so, so sweet.

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Bronze Glitter Ombré

Fall is the perfect time to try a warmer-toned manicure, like this bronzy, glittered look that would perfectly complement a burgundy sweater or olive green peacoat.

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Cranberry Fade

To mimic Amy Le’s impeccable nailfie, be sure to touch up your edges, apply a high-shine topcoat, and hydrate your cuticles and hands (these days, we’re loving Olive & June’s The Serum Set ($32), which features not only hand serum but cuticle serum, too).

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Mauve Gradient Mani

Mauves tend to pop up all over FW runways, and we’re expecting to see them all over nails this season too (and we’re not complaining). Show your manicurist this lovely mauve gradient at your next appointment for a mani that goes with everything.

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Icy Ombré

Take your nails from fall to winter with this glittery, icy ombré manicure.

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Horizontal Ombré

Rather than fading from the top-down (or vice versa), this interesting ombré fades through a horizontal gradient.

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Olive Ombré Gradient

With this gradient-style ombré, you don’t have to choose your favorite shade of olive. Match your mani to your outerwear for the ultimate monochromatic moment.

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Sea Glass Gradient

Deep blues and seafoam greens might evoke thoughts of summer, but these shades look perfect when paired with the olive greens and burnt oranges of fall. Try the look gradient style with frosted nails that resemble sea glass, as coined by nail artist Jessica Washick.

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