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Reese Witherspoon Just Brought Back Her Iconic Y2K Bangs

Reese Witherspoon in a white jacket

Thanks to Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film, there’s been a revival of the Barbiecore trend that was popularized last year. The aesthetic didn’t come from thin air, and it’s impossible to say that the trend’s namesake doll was the only inspiration for the style movement. The trend also has roots in the early 2000s, with Paris Hilton’s pink Juicy Couture tracksuits and Reese Witherspoon’s hot pink business suits in Legally Blonde. And now Witherspoon just wore hot pink once more to debut her brand-new blunt bangs.

On May 15, Witherspoon posted a carousel of photos of herself and her family celebrating Mother’s Day with a brunch. She wore a pink off-the-shoulder dress with hot pink and white floral details all throughout. She paired the look with gold hoops and a matching rosy lip.

Reese Witherspoon with straight-across bangs

It was her new hair, though, that stopped us mid-scroll—she looked like she had time-travelled straight from the early aughts. Witherspoon’s hair now features a blunt fringe that travels across her forehead and blends into her straight hair. Her strands are a buttery blonde color that adds brightness and warmth to her overall ‘do.

Although she looks like a brand-new person, this isn’t Witherspoon’s first spin with bangs. Back in 2012, you could often spot the star wearing a full front fringe with pin-straight hair, and in 2017, she had a final go with wispy side bangs before retiring fringe completely. Witherspoon has since been wearing an undone blowout day in and day out, and it’s refreshing to see the star return to a hairstyle that looks gorgeous on her.

We’ve seen an uptick in alt-bang trends lately, like micro and curtain bangs, and as the hair trend pendulum swings, it was only a matter of time before we’d return to a tried-and-true full-frontal fringe. Switching things up with bangs is always a good idea, and you can opt for Witherspoon’s straight and full ones, or go for feathered fringe for a lighter feel as you head into the warmer months.

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