Rise Nation Is Going Viral—Here’s What You Need to Know About the Climbing Workout

A Rise Nation fitness class

Rise Nation is a line of studios filled with specialized climbing machines for a full-body, climbing-style workout. You’ll be challenged physically in both your cardiovascular ability and muscular endurance. Rise Nation takes your boring stair climbing machine to new heights with engaging, professionally programmed workouts that are filled with energizing beats and a focused environment.

If you are curious about how a Rise Nation class is structured and how it impacts your body, read on to hear all about this exciting class from its founder, Jason Walsh.


What Is Rise Nation?

“Rise Nation is a… 30-minute vertical climbing workout that goes back to the basics of primitive movement,” explains founder Jason Walsh. The aim of Rise Nation, according to Walsh, is to thoughtfully combine beneficial motion patterns with expertly curated beats and lights to create a stimulating full mind and body experience unlike any other.


“Rise Nation is [a] group exercise environment [designed] to encourage positive physical patterns that target how the human body was designed to move,” says Walsh. The classes focus on non-momentum-driven and zero impact movements to ensure climbers are doing all of the work 100 percent of the time, achieving maximum efficiency.

Best For: Functional Fitness

Rise Nation provides a full-body, high-intensity, and low-impact workout, making the most of your time and energy in 30 minutes—no more, no less. “The method keeps the body upright, aligned, and balanced, delivering a heart-pumping, sweat-dripping, choreographed tempo-based workout, during which you climb hundreds (and thousands) of vertical feet while avoiding strain and injury,” says Walsh.

Drawing on his knowledge and expertise in strength, conditioning, and human physiology, Walsh developed Rise Nation to combine his career in providing effective, efficient, and safe workouts with his passion for music, art, and unrivaled experiences.

What to Expect During a Rise Nation Class

Walsh suggests that first-timers sign up for the Level 1 class, which was created specifically for beginners to learn the movements and steps and set them up for success. It would be best to partake in typical stretching before class; the instructor will show you the basics and outer workings of the equipment, with a slow warmup to get your body (and brain) moving and familiar with the new movement.

“Any new movements that you’re not efficient at will be challenging,” says Walsh. “It’s like learning to ride a bike, and it will take a couple of classes for the body to cognitively understand the workout—to just move and not overthink.”

If during class you need modifications, you can slow down or speed up, as climbing is self-regulated in each class. You can expect the body to adapt quickly to these new movements, so any issues or soreness won’t be constant after the first class.

Benefits of Rise Nation

Climbing is considered among the best full-body workouts, with many positives.

  • It Will Make You Stronger: Recruiting all the major muscle groups in the body to coordinate and work together will give you the efficiency to reinforce better primitive movement patterns in your daily routine, such as simply walking.
  • Self-Regulated Conditioning: Climbing is as high-intensity as you allow it to be. The harder you go, the more you get out of it as it requires more cardio with the high energy demand. This results in more calories burned in less time—only 30 minutes.
  • Revolutionary Environment: This tempo-based climbing workout is the next best thing to a Beyonce concert when it comes to sheer energy. Through a dedicated founder and passionate instructors, the RN team strives to provide an incredible atmosphere with innovative lighting, choreographed workouts, and sound systems. All of this comes together to stimulate the mind and body while encouraging and educating fitness enthusiasts or newcomers alike about the genuine results and benefits of climbing.
  • Builds Cardiovascular Fitness: Stair climbing can help build cardiovascular fitness. Vertical climbers use the whole body to propel you upward using pushing and pulling movements. So many muscles working at once increases your heart rate for an excellent burn.

Safety Considerations

Climbing is the ultimate workout for joint fatigue or injury-prone athletes of all skill levels. However, according to Walsh, there are some pro tips to make this workout the most comfortable.

“Keep your hips back in an athletic stance; this will engage your core. Don’t over grip the bars on the machine, and loosen your shoes,” says Walsh. “When shoes are too tight blood rushes to your feet, bringing pain to the arches. Pace yourself, learn the steps, and take it slow. Every class is an opportunity to get better, become a little stronger, and push yourself a little further.”

If you’re new to exercise, consult your doctor and tell your trainer before class if you have any pre-existing injuries or conditions. The trainer may be able to recommend modifications or suggest ways to minimize issues, such as taking breaks. Remember to keep hydrated and fueled before and after your workout and make sure you recover between sessions to avoid injury and overtraining.

What to Wear to a Rise Nation Class

Your typical workout gear is perfect for any Rise Nation class, whether it be your favorite matching leggings and bra set or shorts and a t-shirt. “Closed-toed tennis shoes are required and we highly suggest bringing a water bottle and towel,” adds Walsh.

The Final Takeaway

Rise Nation is a specialized, exciting new workout class concept that is perfect for anyone who wants a challenge. If you’ve previously experienced injuries or strain, climbing workouts might help prevent them from reoccurring due to the natural, functional movement patterns they focus on.


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