Ritual’s New Postnatal Multivitamin Is Redefining “Snapback” Culture

Ritual Essential Women's Postnatal Vitamins

After giving birth, many new moms have to grapple with the pressure of their post-pregnancy health plan, which can involve everything from detailed diets to rigorous workouts—all of that on top of caring for a newborn child. For those who want a quick and easy way to replenish their body with needed nutrients, taking the prenatal vitamins they took before pregnancy has become the norm. But are prenatal vitamins—which, considering the name, should really be taken before the baby’s birth—the best choice for meeting nutritional needs post-pregnancy? In hopes to take the guesswork out of postnatal health for new moms, Ritual has announced the launch of Essential Postnatal ($35) a scientifically developed multivitamin designed to help support the nutritional demands of mothers up to six months postpartum or for as long as they plan to breastfeed or pump.

“After giving birth, many women either opt to keep taking their prenatal multivitamins, which aren’t necessarily formulated for the specific postpartum life stage or choose to not take multivitamins altogether,” Ritual Founder, Kat Schneider tells Byrdie exclusively. “Unfortunately, many women may not realize that the postpartum period can actually be more nutritionally demanding than pregnancy itself, especially for those that breastfeed or pump.”

After years of in-house scientific research, Ritual formulated Essential Postnatal with 15 key nutrients such as choline, biotin, vitamin A, and zinc to replace what may be depleted during pregnancy. The multivitamin also supports women’s normal immune functions with vitamin A, C, D, and zinc.

To assist women who choose to breastfeed or pump after expressing their labor of love, the product includes 350 mg of omega-3DHA per serving to help support the DHA fatty acid content of breast milk. It also features iodine to meet the increased requirements of lactating women.

Schneider, who has three kids under the age of five, knows too well the demands of early motherhood and finding time to care for yourself as a mom.

“Mothers are often very focused on their health when pregnant, but after giving birth, the focus often switches to the baby. We put their needs first,” Schneider confesses. She reminds her fellow moms that showing up for your children comes with taking care of yourself.

“It can be tough to find the time to do so, but choosing a quality and clean postnatal multivitamin is so important. It is one small thing you can do to help support foundational health every day,” she explains.

Ritual Essential For Women Post Natal

Ritual Essential For Women Post Natal
Ritual Essential For Women Postnatal $35.00

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