“Scripting” Is the Manifestation Practice Going Viral on TikTok—Here’s How It Works

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After quarantining in 2020, I finally did it. I bought into New Age spirituality in pursuit of a sense of purpose and peace of mind. I purchased a subscription to an astrology app. I started meditating whenever I felt overwhelmed (so, like…a lot). I visited an acupuncturist every three weeks for my mental health. And I began journaling at length.

Somewhere along the way, my TikTok algorithm figured out I was on a newfound self-care journey and started showing me the new viral wellness trends. The latest one? Scripting, a manifestation practice that is intended to be more intentional. Ahead, we tapped two experts to help break down the buzzy ritual.


What is Scripting?

“Scripting is a method of manifesting where you write your desired reality in the present or past tense as if your manifestations have already happened,” according to Laura Galebe, a lifestyle and beauty influencer based in NYC who has covered scripting at length in her TikToks. During 2020, Galebe came across manifestation on TikTok and incorporated scripting into her manifestation practice.

One of the most important points of scripting is writing your future on paper. “Scripting involves writing in detail about the reality that you want to manifest,” says self-development coach and author Roxie Nafousi. “It’s a powerful writing technique, or written form of visualization, used to help you in your manifesting process.”

But the key to scripting correctly, according to Nafousi, is writing with specificity. You need to be clear about what you want when visualizing the future. For example, instead of saying you want to be happier in 2023, you might say you want to find a new job that makes you feel valued.

“Writing out your life goals helps you to gain more clarity about what you want,” Nafousi says. “Be specific about your goals and sink into the feeling of what it would be like to attain them. Using visual rehearsal to help us manifest is supported by neuroscience too; when we repeatedly visualize our goals, we prime the subconscious parts of our brains to reach them by filtering out unwanted information and seeking out opportunities that align with them.”

How To Practice Scripting


Once you’ve scripted your desired future down on paper (Nafousi suggests writing the future date at the top of the page like it’s a diary entry), you’ll need to incorporate scripting into your day-to-day life to stay on track throughout the year. Nafousi’s preferred method of practicing scripting is meditating two or three times per week for about 10-15 minutes.

“I simply sit in a quiet space and focus my attention on my breath and on the rise and fall of my belly as I inhale and exhale,” she says. “As I bring all my awareness to the present moment, I can feel my mind and body begin to relax. Once I am relaxed, I allow my imagination to take me forward in time. Then, I begin to create my visualization, filling it with colorful details and conjuring up strong feelings and emotions.”


Another method to incorporate scripting in your day-to-day is journaling. Galebe prefers journaling as her form of practice. She uses her journal entries as an opportunity to do a shorter form of scripting by visualizing a single day, as opposed to visualizing her perfect life itself. “I practice scripting by writing daily journal entries that reflect a day in the life where my goals have already been achieved,” Galebe advises. That way, the future you’re trying to manifest becomes more and more accessible as a day-by-day process, as opposed to a dream that can feel unattainable.

Final Takeaways

We’re all just looking for some peace of mind, especially when we’re living in chaotic times, and scripting can be a great way to start incorporating that into our lives. It doesn’t just provide a sense of direction or peace but centralizes yourself as the writer of your growth and destiny. And with the last few years leaving me feeling afraid, confused, and unsure of everything all at once, I’m ready to take back control.


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