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Shoppers Call These The ‘Softest Pajamas Ever’ And They’re Up to 58% Off

Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas Deal

Afew years ago, I made a small, but very adult feeling change—I traded my college t-shirts and baggy shorts for matching pajama sets. And it didn’t feel like a big deal at the time, I received a nice pair of pj’s for a birthday gift, but it felt right in an “I have my life together” way. The sets are like the nighttime equivalent of matching your bra and panties and less like a student face planting her way into sleep. It’s also a signal to my brain that it’s bedtime. I won’t promise miracles—I still struggle with falling and staying asleep—but I can tell the difference between the nights I wear my nice pajamas and a night I happen to fall asleep in whatever comfy clothes I grabbed first.

I’ve tried many brands over the years—from $30 options to splurge-worthy pairs that were $200+—and I consistently circle back to Nordstrom Moonlight pajama sets. They range from $59 to $89 when not on sale, so I make sure to stock up when there’s a deep discount, like right now. Nightgowns, joggers set, and short sets are up to $50 off—a 58 percent discount on the normal price. You won’t regret this upgrade.

The Best Nordstrom Moonlight Pajama Deals

  • Eco Long Sleeve Nightgown, $37 (Originally $89)
Moonlight Eco Long Sleeve Nightgown

  • Eco Ruffle Nightgown, $45 (Originally $75)
Moonlight Eco Ruffle Nightgown

  • Eco Short Pajamas (Gray Heather), $41 (Originally $59)
Moonlight Eco Short Pajamas Heather Gray

  • Eco Short Pajamas (Brown Animal Print), $41 (Originally $59)
Eco Short Pajamas Brown Animal Print

  • Eco Jogger Pajamas, $48 (Originally $69)
Moonlight Eco Jogger Pajamas

While I’ve slept my way through the pairs du jour to find the ones worth investing in, you don’t have to just take my word for it. The shorts sets has a 4.5 star average rating with 77 percent of those getting a perfect five stars. The pros mentioned over and over again were softness, comfort, fit, and material. Some reviewers even went so far as to say these were the “softest, comfiest pjs they’re ever worn.” And I wholeheartedly agree. The fabric is a lightweight modal, a more eco-friendly, less water-intensive alternative to cotton, ideal for warm climates or hot sleepers (*raises hand*). There’s nothing worse than falling asleep feeling cozy and waking up dripping in sweat—these stay cool.

The menswear-inspired collar, button front, and contrast piping is sophisticated, however the loose, slightly oversized fit keeps it comfy. I already added the animal print shorts set to my cart, but neutral lovers may want the gray heather one or the black nightgown. While these are worth every penny at full price, jump on this deal (or buy two pairs) to really get your money’s worth.


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