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The 10 Best Touchscreen Gloves of 2023

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There’s nothing worse than trying to respond to a text or call an Uber while you’re standing in the freezing cold. Bare hands are simply frozen and ultimately unhelpful, while traditional gloves are usually incompatible with a smartphone’s glass exterior. That’s where touchscreen gloves come in. Invented to keep your digits warm while being able to text, dial, and double tap, touchscreen gloves are essential for the colder months. Whether you’re just jumping on the bandwagon yourself or are hunting for a great gift for a loved one, there are plenty of high-quality pairs to choose from.

To help you narrow down the pair that’ll benefit you the most, we researched the best touchscreen gloves and then put them to the test. We tried out 29 pairs of gloves at our lab in NYC based on ease of use, design, comfort, and warmth—and we’re sharing our findings with you.

Keep reading to discover the best touchscreen gloves as determined by our testers.


UGG Quilted Performance Glove


Texting mistakes happen, but avoid an awkward autocorrect and shop these versatile all-weather quilted gloves from UGG. They’re lined with luxe sherpa, have a sheepskin trim around the cuff, and seamlessly type up messages and emails—what’s not to love? Our tester admits she did encounter a few typos, but that was before she got the hang of it and relied more on the edges of her fingertips. “Scrolling was a breeze,” she says. “The gloves felt firm and snug but never bulky.” Available in three colors, the quilted gloves pair well with any aesthetic and all types of coats and jackets. “I’d recommend purchasing these gloves because not only are they stylish, but they’re wildly comfortable and easy to use,” she shares.

If we could change anything about these gloves, it would be the sizing options. There are only two available (S/M and L/XL), and since hands come in all shapes and sizes, those with larger or smaller-sized hands might have a harder time finding the right fit.

Price at time of publish: $45

Exterior: Sheepskin trim | Interior: Sherpa | Sizes: S/M, L/XL | Colors: Black, White, Pink

“These gloves are beautiful. They fit as they should—like a glove. I especially loved the fur on the cuff.” —Mads Jensen, Product Tester

FEIQIAOSH Winter Leather Gloves

Need gloves in a pinch? This pair of leather touchscreen gloves (which captured the Best Overall spot in our roundup of Best Leather Gloves) can appear at your doorstep in a day, thanks to Amazon Prime. They’re fleece-lined (so they’re really plush and cozy) but not to the point where it’s hard to do basic activities. “These gloves are wonderful to use; I barely experienced any typos and it was easy to scroll through TikTok,” our tester shares. “I did wonder if the plush interior would make my fingers clumsy, but was delighted to find them feeling nimble.” The soft yet durable leather exterior provides both a sleek look and a sturdy grip, even after holding a cup of ice water for 10 minutes. Oh, and it comes in 15 shades to choose from: Take your pick between classic colors like black and brown, or opt for a fun hue like violet or pink.

One thing our tester didn’t love was that they didn’t retain heat as well as she’d liked. “When I was holding a glass of cold water, I felt the coolness quite quickly,” she says. “These gloves would work best in late autumn instead of the middle of winter.”

Price at time of publish: $25

Exterior: Leather | Interior: Fleece | Sizes: S, M, L, XL | Colors: 15

“I can’t recommend these gloves enough. Between the price point and the easy utility, they’re a total steal in my opinion” —Mads Jensen, Product Tester

Nordstrom Cashmere Lined Leather Touchscreen Gloves


For touchscreen gloves that offer both efficiency and style, look to these Nordstrom Cashmere Lined Leather Touchscreen Gloves. “The leather and cashmere both felt soft and comfortable on my hands,” Senior Commerce Editor Shannon Bauer says. “The leather was durable and nicely constructed and the cashmere lining was cozy. These were also the right level of warmth for me—not suitable for sub-zero temps but for chilly winter days or even cooler fall mornings, they’d be perfect.”

One thing to note: If you always wear a watch or have bigger wrists, you may not love this pick. “I struggled a bit to get the glove over my watch, which led to some bunching on one side,” Bauer admits. “All in all, the touchscreen capabilities were super accurate and the gloves kept my hands warm—I just wish they had a slit along the side to accommodate my watch.”

Price at time of publish: $99

Exterior: Leather | Interior: Cashmere | Sizes: 6 – 9, half sizes included | Colors: Black, Brown

Theory Leather Tech Gloves


If you’re looking to splurge on a pair of touchscreen gloves (whether for yourself or someone you love), you can’t go wrong with Theory’s Leather Tech Gloves. Designed with 100% lamb leather, these gloves are sure to make a statement and your life easier. “Although a little tricky to get the hang of at first, I got used to the range of motion quickly and was able to text pretty fast,” our tester shares. “Aside from the utility of the gloves, they are super luxe-looking and go all the way past my wrist, which is perfect for keeping warm on cold days.” Not only do the gloves cover any bits that might peek out of a winter coat, they also conduct heat really well. The gloves stayed at a toasty 90 degrees, even when the tester held an ice-cold glass of water.

The pair of gloves costs a little under 200 dollars, but our tester assured us that the price tag is well worth it. It’s worth mentioning that since you’re getting high-quality leather gloves, they should be taken care of properly. The brand recommends bringing them to a professional to clean rather than caring for them at home, so if you’re not willing to dish out some extra bucks and take them to the cleaners, you might want to skip this one. However, if a high-end pair of leather gloves is on your list, these are perfect.

Price at time of publish: $195

Exterior: Lamb leather | Interior: Cashmere Sizes: S, M, L  | Colors: Black, Brown, Merlot

Theory Tech Gloves in Leather
Moshi Digits Winter Touchscreen Gloves

While style is definitely a deciding factor for some people, others just want to stay as warm as possible and still be able to utilize their devices. The Moshi Digits Winter Touchscreen Gloves are not the most fashionable option (and they only come in two colors), but they excel at their intended purpose—keeping fingers toasty warm. The dual-layered microfleece lining enhances comfort in sub-zero temperatures while each fingertip’s knit exterior contains conductive fiber that allows for touchscreen compatibility (meaning, every finger works on the touchscreen, instead of one or two like the others on this list). Each palm has a GripTrak pattern to help you grip your devices better, even in uncomfortably cold situations.

If that’s not enough to convince you, we’ll let the science speak for itself. Our tester found that the gloves had an initial reading temperature reading of 73.5 degrees prior to slipping them on. After wearing them for about 30 minutes, the tester recorded a final reading of 88.7 degrees (an increase of 15.2 degrees), indicating that the gloves got warmer the longer they were on our tester’s hands. If you’ll be outside for a long time (or just want your fingers to stay extra toasty) and be able to use every single one of your fingers on your devices, these gloves are an awesome pick.

Price at time of publish: $30

Exterior: Conductive knit | Interior: Microfleece | Sizes: S, M, L | Colors: Dark Gray, Light Gray

Moshi Digits Winter Touchscreen Gloves
Canada Goose Leather Rib Luxe Glove


Canada Goose has definitely made a name for itself as the go-to destination for cold weather pieces, and the Ladies Leather Rib Luxe Glove is right on brand. Not only is the glove sleek and stylish, but it also has thoughtful elements (like a heat-trapping ribbed cuff) that solidify its place as a step above the competition. According to our tester, the leather exterior and ribbed cuff look expensive and interesting but assured us that they’re more than just a pretty winter accessory. The gloves are comfy (thanks to a super soft interior) and make typing and scrolling a breeze. Overall scrolling was effortless and the gloves made it easy to type—despite making a few errors, which she said she expected with tech gloves.

The tester (who has small hands) did note that she tested a size L. With that said, she shared that it would have been easier for her to type more accurately with the correct size, but the fact that she did so with a bigger size is an indicator of how efficient these gloves really are.

Price at time of publish: $175

Exterior: Sheepskin leather, Elasticized cuff | Interior: Brushed | Sizes: XS, S, M, L | Colors: Black

Canada Goose Leather Rib Luxe Glove
Lululemon Warm Revelation Gloves Tech


Avid outdoor athletes know that cold hands make your sport way less enjoyable. Lululemon came up with a solution: Warm Revelation Gloves Tech. The interior and exterior are made from a wool blend that contains merino wool, a fabric that naturally thermoregulates body temperature and feels soft against the skin. Obviously, comfort is key, but so is utility. Thanks to tech-friendly fingertips, the gloves also let you swipe, snap, zoom, and scroll, all while staying cozy and not at all restricted. Seriously—whether you want to change the song mid-run, need to check maps while riding a bike, or want to whip out your phone for a selfie on a hot girl walk, these gloves will help you do that. Plus, they’re machine washable, so when you inevitably get all sweaty, all you have to do is toss them in with the rest of your gear. Just keep in mind that the gloves run big and there aren’t a ton of sizes available, so use your best judgment when picking your gloves.

Price at time of publish: $52

Exterior and Interior: Wool blend | Sizes: XS/S, M/L | Colors: Black, Gray

Lululemon Warm Revelation Gloves Tech


Don’t let unpredictable weather get the best of you. These gloves from Uniqlo are designed with moisture-absorbing, bio-warming Heattech lining that keeps hands warm and comfy. The thumb and index finger are touchscreen compatible and easy to maneuver, no matter the weather. Senior Commerce Editor Chloe Anello had no problem typing with these on her fingers. The thumbs took some getting used to, she said, but because the gloves fit snugly, the mistakes were minor. She especially loved that the touchscreen section of the glove was the same color as the rest of the glove, making it look less obvious. She noted that the fit was perfect for her: Each glove was long enough but didn’t mess with her long sleeves, and the fingers had a little bit of give so that they could stretch over big jewelry like her engagement ring without making it press into her skin in an uncomfortable way. If we could change anything, it would be to make the gloves easier to clean. The brand suggests steering clear of a washing machine or taking the gloves to the dry cleaner, leaving delicate hand washing as the only option.

Price at time of publish: $20

Exterior and Interior: Acrylic, Wool, Nylon, Spandex | Sizes: M, L | Colors: Gray, Black, Brown, Navy, Dark gray, Dark brown

Trendoux Winter Gloves for Men & Women

Partial to knit gloves over leather ones? These knit winter gloves from Trendoux are a stellar option. The thick knit material is lightweight yet super protective against cold weather. One side also has rubber grips to prevent slippage while performing everyday tasks and helps scroll and tap easily. Although they’re not very fashionable (they kind of look like garden gloves), they’re “extremely comfortable and warm,” according to our tester. Sizing is a bit confusing when it comes to these gloves (it spans M, L, and XL sizes), but our tester noted that the Medium size gloves fit her small hands pretty well.

Price at time of publish: $8

Exterior and Interior: Acrylic, Spandex | Sizes: M, L, XL | Colors: 10

Trendoux Touch Screen Winter Gloves
isotoner Women's Spandex Shortie Touchscreen Gloves

Gloves can get dirty, especially when shoveling or tailgating is involved. These gloves from isotoner are machine washable, so cleanup is as easy as possible. If it couldn’t get any better, they’re also incredibly efficient. Our tester said that crafting messages was a breeze and the gloves offered a nice grip around the outside of her phone. She shared that the gloves never took away her mobility. In fact, she was able to take things out of her back pocket with these gloves—something that might not be possible with thicker options. The design reminds us of driving gloves in a way, and our tester agreed, noting that they made her feel like a “fashionista.” Keep in mind that although these gloves are easy to put on and maneuver as you wear them, they can be a little tricky to get off.

Price at time of publish: $33

Exterior: Nylon, Spandex | Interior: Polyester | Sizes: S/M, L/XL | Colors: 11

isotoner Spandex Shortie Touchscreen Gloves

Final Verdict

Our best overall pick is UGG’s Quilted Performance Glove, an all-weather, quilted glove that leaves fingers feeling cozy and warm, while being touchscreen compatible. They’re also really stylish and pair well with puffers, down jackets, and peacoats. For a more budget-friendly option, FEIQIAOSH Winter Leather Gloves are available on Amazon.


What to Look For in Touchscreen Gloves

Exterior Material

The first thing to consider when shopping for a pair of touchscreen gloves is the exterior material. There’s a bunch of different options available (like leather, spandex, polyester, and wool), so the choice is entirely up to you. If you need a little help, stylist and trend forecaster Kendall Becker explains that practicality should be top of mind. “Luxe knits—like cashmere—and luscious leathers look great and offer tons of warmth,” she says. “Things like unique hardware, sherpa lining, or elegant embellishments aren’t necessary, but do take gloves to the next level.” For a sleek, elevated set of gloves that lasts for years, try the Theory Leather Tech Gloves or the FEIQIAOSH Winter Leather Gloves. For something a little cozier and more flexible, you might want to check out a knit option, like the Lululemon Warm Revelation Gloves Tech, which are made from wool.


When choosing touchscreen gloves, you should also prioritize the interior (or the lining) of the gloves since this is the part of the glove that’s actually touching your hands and keeping them warm. Lining made of merino wool, for example, is naturally warm and holds in heat really well, even when it gets wet. Synthetic linings (like the lining of the UNIQLO Women Function Gloves) are breathable, fast-drying and offer mobility that other materials don’t. Cashmere and sherpa (like the linings of the Nordstrom Cashmere Lined Leather Touchscreen Gloves and the UGG Quilted Performance Glove) are soft, comfortable, and act like a blanket for your fingers.

How we tested

Touchscreen Capability

Last, but certainly not least, you should consider the touchscreen capabilities of your gloves. Having a touchscreen thumb and pointer finger is great, but if you want more dexterity, look for a pair that lets every finger control the touchscreen. The Moshi Digits Winter Touchscreen Gloves has ten conductive tips, meaning every finger has the ability to interact with the screen.

  • What kind of gloves work on touch screens?

    As you may have guessed, not every pair of gloves is compatible with a touchscreen device. For the device—whether it be a phone, tablet, or computer—to detect your touch commands, touchscreen gloves are a must. These types of gloves have conductive fingertips that absorb some of the device’s electrical energy, which the device interprets as a command.

  • What material is warmest for gloves?

    When choosing gloves, you want to make sure you pick a material that insulates, or keeps heat in and cold out. Inner linings made from materials like wool, fleece, and synthetics keep hands especially warm. “Fleece is your best bet if you’re looking for slimmer iterations while sherpa is perfect for warmth and making a stylish statement,” Becker says. “Plus, sherpa along the trim creates a nice barrier from any harsh weather.”

  • Can you wash touchscreen gloves?

    Ultimately, it depends on the material, so be sure to check the label inside your gloves for the instructions. Unless stated otherwise, if your gloves are leather (like the Theory Leather Tech Gloves), it’s best not to throw them in the washing machine. Instead, hand wash them using a white vinegar and water solution (equal parts of each) and a microfiber cloth, or take them to a professional for proper cleaning. However, certain gloves made from material like spandex, (for example the isotoner Women’s Spandex Shortie Touchscreen Gloves), can be tossed inside the washing machine for a deep clean.

  • How can you style gloves?

    Chances are you’re looking for touchscreen gloves out of concern for comfort and utility, but if you’re interested in styling the gloves, it’s all in the details. “Try out unexpected colors or embossed leathers—these feel chic,” Becker explains.


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