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The 13 Best Foundations for Indian Skin

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Whether you’re a full-blown devotee with a weakness for Target’s beauty aisle, or simply makeup-curious, you’ve likely toyed with a range of different foundations. As the basis of most makeup looks, the market is inundated with an unfathomable amount of foundations—each boasting a different formulation, finish, consistency, coverage level, and shade range. And while the beauty industry has made strides in terms of inclusive shade offerings, they still have a long way to go.

For South Asian women, our skin tones exist in a wide range of shades. What differs in our skin and makes it so challenging to shade match is our unique mix of undertones. That’s why I consulted with makeup artist David Maderich. The beauty expert understands how to work with all skin tones, having worked with everyone from Indian brides to singer-songwriter Prince. “The bulk of Indian skin has a yellow undertone, but it also has a mix of red and peach,” says Maderich. “You have to be careful to hit all of those, or you’ll end up looking grey or pink.” Ahead, Maderich shares the 13 foundations he keeps stocked in his kit for his Indian clients (and friends).

Best Overall: Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40 Foundation

Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40 Foundation
Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40 Foundation $48.00

This is one of my favorite foundations for several reasons. It was made with warm and neutral undertones in mind, and the product’s reef-safe SPF doesn’t leave a grey finish on my skin. The dewy finish offers light, buildable coverage that perfectly melts into the skin. Because Indian skin is predisposed to genetic hyperpigmentation, the niacinamide in the formula is another plus as it visibly improves and smooths skin texture while you’re wearing it throughout the day.

Best Weightless: Basma The Foundation Stick

Basma The Foundation Stick
Basma The Foundation Stick $40.00

This TikTok beloved foundation has options for neutral or warm undertones in a variety of hues, offering 40 shades in total. It also delivers buildable coverage that feels totally weightless on the skin. In her review, Byrdie editor Olivia Hancock said that “it’s easy to forget you’re wearing anything on your face with this product.”

Best Satin Finish: Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation

Tinted Face Oil Foundation
Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation $42.00

Kosas’ line of Face Oil Foundations has various undertones beyond just warm, cool, and neutral. They offer golden and olive undertones in their shade range, too, which fit perfectly for the mix of peach, yellow, orange, and red tones that Indian skin has. The medium, buildable coverage looks flawless on its own, and I’ll often skip on my glow-inducing highlighters when I wear this. If wearing an oil-based foundation scares you, fear not. The acne-friendly jojoba oil in this makes it feel totally weightless. I have large pores around my nose and cheeks, and this non-greasy formula never settles in them.

Best Hydrating: Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation

Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation
Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation $20.00

We love the 50 shades this foundation offers, but Maderich warns us to make sure we stay away from anything with any pink. Instead, opt for the ones marked for yellow or neutral undertones and match it to your neck rather than your face. “A lot of my Indian friends have a lighter face and darker neck, and choosing a foundation with pink undertones will just make that stand out, so I always tell them that the best way to find the most natural shade is by matching it with their neck.” This formula is infused with hyaluronic acid, and red algae extract, so it delivers intense hydration to skin that’s especially parched. It also has inflammation-healing sunflower oil, which my acne-prone skin particularly loves.

Best for Blurring: Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Blur Liquid Matte Foundation
Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation $40.00

This Milk foundation has a rich range of shades for skin with red undertones—a rare and hard thing to find. “I use a lot of red pigment on Indian skin in my kit,” says Maderich. “It’s hard to find, but the finish is really beautiful and natural.” My sister wore this cruelty and silicone-free foundation for all of the crowded, Bollywood dancing-heavy events leading up to her wedding. It provided completely budge-proof coverage on her acne-prone skin. Plus, the blurring microspheres in the formula diffuse light, creating an ethereal effect that photographs beautifully.

Best Everyday Foundation: Laura Mercier Flawless Lumière Foundation

Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation
Laura Mercier Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation $48.00

Consider this the perfect everyday foundation. It provides medium coverage and has all-day lasting power. “With this foundation, steer clear of anything that has ‘cool’ in its shade name,” says Maderich. “Those will look way too pink on Indian skin.” The shades labeled with neutral undertones have a beautiful glow to them that will really bring out the golden hues in our skin. Plus, the vitamin C in this formula gives the skin an instant radiance—a huge plus on the days you want to sustain your glow without touch-ups.

Best Full Coverage: Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Full Coverage Waterproof Foundation

Studio Skin 24 Hour Full Coverage Waterproof Foundation
Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Full Coverage Waterproof Foundation $38.00

Complete with 39 available shades, this Smashbox pick is perfect for the days you want a full-coverage, matte look. It’s my go-to on days when I have a lot to do, as it looks so good on video calls and in photographs. It can be hard to know what undertones a foundation has just by looking at it, which is why I especially appreciate how these shades are labeled. Shades include descriptors like “warm peach” and “neutral olive,” making it easier to find your match. Because I have such dry skin, I’m usually wary of mattifying foundations that tend to dry out my skin. This one is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. The formula also contains mattifying ingredients like kaolin clay and bamboo powder, which my sweaty T-zone appreciates.

Best For Oily Skin: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation $7.00

Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation has been a staple since high school. The increasing variety of shade offerings in this range is part of what makes it stand out to Maderich. “I’m so impressed by Maybelline’s formula and shade offerings,” says Maderich. “They’ve been an old standby for many years, and I really appreciate that they added so many shades to their recent offerings.” When I had oilier skin in my teen years, I loved using this. These days, I’ll typically mix this with a bit of jojoba or sunflower seed oil for a bit more moisture.

Best Natural Finish: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation

Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation $36.00

Everything Rihanna touches turns to gold, and her foundations are no exception. Maderich is a huge fan, too. “I love Fenty Beauty and am so impressed with the line,” he says. “There are so many shades, and they all have warmer, mixed undertones that are great for Indian skin.” No matter what your tone is, Fenty Beauty has you covered. Their hydrating longwear foundation provides comfortable wear and medium-to-full coverage that still feels light on the skin.

Best Dewy Finish: Urban Decay Hydromaniac Glowy Tinted Hydrator Foundation

Hydromaniac Glowy Tinted Hydrator Foundation
Urban Decay Hydromaniac Glowy Tinted Hydrator Foundation $29.00

It’s rare to find a foundation with a radiant, glowy finish that’s long-wearing. So, as a dry-skinned girl, finding this foundation was like striking gold. The line includes entirely warm and neutral-toned foundations, making it a must-have for any South Asian person. Infused with hydrating marula oil and antioxidant-rich kombucha filtrate, it’s my go-to when I want to have a sun-kissed glow.

Best Spot Coverage: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick

Skin Foundation Stick
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick $49.00

This is my favorite product on days I want to cover up a couple of spots or hyperpigmentation rather than wear a full face of foundation. The handy packaging and dry formula offer a lot of control that makes it easy to apply and blend. While Bobbi Brown is renowned for its incredible ability to shade match, Maderich does make a point to mention this foundation is best for those with more yellow undertones (which most Indian skin has). “I love Bobbi Brown for medium, Indian skin tones,” adds Maderich. “They have beautiful shades of yellow for golden undertones.”

Best For Touch-Ups: Merit The Minimalist Perfection Complexion Foundation

The Minimalist Perfection Complexion Foundation
Merit The Minimalist Perfection Complexion Foundation $38.00

Merit’s foundation packaging is super chic and easy to keep in your purse. I reach for it to touch-up throughout the day. It’s long-wearing and has a natural finish, so you’ll just need to swipe on one layer. The foundations cater to a range of caramel, golden, yellow, peach, neutral, and red undertones.

Best Waterproof Formula: Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick
Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick $46.00

This easy-to-apply formula was my go-to throughout graduate school when I needed something that would last from early 8 a.m. classes through to late-night happy hours. While I was dealing with stress-induced acne, I appreciated the coverage it delivered. The natural finish, along with its golden undertones, gave me a glow that combated the dullness of my acne scars, too. Throughout my long, sweaty walks to the different classroom buildings on campus, I used to get tons of compliments on my complexion whenever I wore this sweat-proof stick foundation.

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