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The Best Clip-In Hair Extensions for Instant Volume

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Clip-in hair extensions are one of those trends that seems too difficult to master at home, but when you get the hang of it, the effects can be transformative—how else can you achieve body, volume, and length in the space of a few minutes?

But with so many factors to consider—color, length, material, weft, and more—we know that finding the best set is a tricky task. “The key to a seamless clip in hair extension comes down to hair quality, the color, and the length,” says hairstylist Carolyn Gahan. “But when you can accomplish all three, clip-in extensions can be such an easy way to create volume, fullness, length.”

So if you want to give it a try or simply upgrade your current set, we’ve compiled a list of the best clip-in extensions on the market for every hair type.

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Hidden Crown Clip-Ins
 Courtesy of Hidden Crown
Who else recommends it? Vogue also picked the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Crown Clip-Ins.

A favorite of celebrity hairstylist (and Kardashian glam squad team member) Justine Marjan, Hidden Crown’s extensions are thick, voluminous, and are crafted from 100 percent Remy human hair. (Remy is hair with the cuticle layer still intact which lays in one direction for a smooth, healthy look and finish.)

“Each piece is much thicker than average, so you can use fewer clips to get a full head of hair,” she explains. “I also love that the pack comes with one extra-thick piece for the back of the head. Sometimes I use this piece to wrap around the base of a ponytail or for added length and fullness as well.”

There are 27 shades available in the range, eight differing length options, and either three-piece or five-piece seamless sets on offer.

Type: 100 percent Remy human hair | Shades: 27 | Number of Wefts: 3 original, 5 seamless

Glam Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions

Courtesy of Glam Seamless

If you want to invest in some luxurious, natural-looking human hair extensions, Glam Seamless is our pick of the bunch. Available in four different lengths and over 60 shades, finding your ideal match is easy (and if you want an identical match, they’re also color-friendly). Another standout feature is the flat clips that sit flush against the scalp—meaning less bulk that will leave everyone none the wiser you’re wearing extensions.

Type: 100 percent Remy human hair | Shades: 60+ | Number of Wefts: 7

Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions

Courtesy of Cashmere Hair

If your hair is on the finer side and you’re worried about clips looking bulky, Cashmere’s flat silicone clips will ensure an undetectable finish. They’re thin and flexible, meaning they sit comfortably on the head without the need for teasing the hair (creating even more unnecessary bulk). The 22 shades ensure it’s easy to find a great match, too.

Type: 100 percent Remy human hair | Shades: 22 | Number of Wefts: 8

The Hair Shop Skinny Clip-In Single Piece

Courtesy of The Hair Shop

Looking for smaller extensions you can use strategically to bulk up buns, twists, and ponytails? The Hair Shop’s clip-in pieces make it easy. Because they’re small, they can be used where needed (as opposed to all over the head), ensuring a seamless finish. The tracks are also slim, so you won’t need to fuss around trying to hide them.

Type: 100 percent Remy human hair | Shades: 27 | Number of Wefts: 2, 3, or 4

Locks & Mane 12” Clip-In Extensions

Locks & Mane

Locks & Mane hair extensions come in 14 shades and two different lengths, taking out a lot of the guesswork that comes with choosing the best set. They come as one large or small weft, making it simple to affix them in the hair. While not as voluminous as other options, they still look and feel beautiful while adding fullness and length to your style.

And if you’re going for an up-do, Locks & Mane also does ponytail clips.

Type: 100 percent Remy human hair | Shades: 14 | Number of Wefts: 3 and 8

Kinkistry Kurlgenics Clip-Ins


For curly and coiled hair (specifically 3C to 4A curls), Kinkistry’s Kurlgenics Clip-Ins are great. Made from high-quality human hair and in a natural black/brown shade, each set comes with seven pieces to add volume and thickness to your natural style. The brand does point out that for a full head, it’s likely you’ll need two sets. Each piece is also measured straight, so be mindful when choosing your length that you will lose a few inches with the curl pattern intact.

Type: 100 percent human hair | Shades: 1 | Number of Wefts: 2, 3, and 4

Remy New York Clip In Extensions

Remy New York

Remy New York is a company that helps women in poverty around the world by providing them with opportunities. The hair is ethically sourced, and the company pays fair wages to women who are provided training in the skills needed to create certain styles with extensions. Remy’s Clip-Ins only come in two shades (black and brunette), but there are eight lengths on offer, making them a great, sustainable option for those with dark hair. Keep in mind they’re single-drawn, so if you have thick hair you might need two sets.

Type: 100 percent Remy human hair | Shades: 2 | Number of Wefts: 1, 3, 5

Bellami Hair Classic Clip-In Extensions


If you want a Kim Kardashian level of length, look no further than Bellami Classic Clip-In Extensions. Made from super soft Remy hair, these double-drawn extensions range from 18 to 24 inches, so you really can live your best Rapunzel life. It’s worth mentioning that Bellami also has a stack of difficult-to-find colors, like bright red, silvery blonde, and varying shades of black.

Type: 100 percent Remy human hair | Shades: 17 | Number of Wefts: 2, 3, and 4.

ZALA Balayage Clip-In Hair Extensions


So often, those with highlights or balayage miss out on the joys of clip-in extensions because it’s too difficult to find a natural-looking match, but ZALA has a range of shades and styles—like chocolate swirl, burnt toffee, and cheesecake—designed to blend seamlessly with dimensional color. Their entire clip-in range is also triple-drawn for serious volume.

Type: 100 percent Remy human hair | Shades: 25 | Number of Wefts: 5 and 9

Final Verdict

The extensions you choose will come down to your hair type and desired look, but we have to give it to the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Crown Clip-Ins. Not only are they stylist-approved, but they look (and feel) incredibly natural thanks to the comfortable clips and great shade range. Another special mention goes to Glam Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions for its incredible 60+ strong shade range.

What to Look for When Buying Clip-in Hair Extensions

Natural vs. Synthetic Hair

The main factor to consider when shopping for clip-in extensions is the material used. Gahan explains that Remy human hair is best in terms of quality and finish. It gives a natural look thanks to smooth and intact cuticles, so it blends seamlessly with the rest of your style.

Synthetic extensions tend to look a little more obvious, but they are significantly cheaper, so worth considering if you just want to test it out before committing.


The weft refers to the length of the extension itself—for example, it might be a smaller 2-inch weft with two clips attached or a longer 6-inch weft with eight clips. Most clip-in extensions come as a set with multiple wefts. If you’re after a full, thick look or you already have thick hair, you’ll typically want more pieces.

You might also see the words “double-drawn” or “double-weft”—this refers to the number of wefts stitched together to make one single piece.

Color and Length

The other important things to consider are color and length. “If you’re planning on wearing the extensions in an updo or ponytail, it’s less crucial on matching perfectly, and you can go a little longer with the length,” says Gahan. “However, if you plan to wear them with your hair out, they will need to be close to perfect and not a huge contrast in length from your natural hair.”

Length is a personal preference, but sticking within a few inches of your natural length will ensure the most believable finish. When in doubt, go longer—you can always take them to your hairstylist for a trim.


  • How do you apply clip-in hair extensions?

    For seamless extensions, Gahan suggests the following process:

    “Each section where you will place the clip needs to be backcombed with a fine-tooth comb and hair sprayed. The clips need an anchor to hold them in place; otherwise, they will slip out. Placement will depend on your hair texture, but be sure to space them evenly around the sides and back of the head.

    Around the crown, you’ll want to do some slight backcombing at the roots to keep the hair from splitting and exposing the extensions, as well.

    Keep a soft bristle brush in your purse, so you can brush throughout the day/night and keep it blended with your natural hair.”

  • How do you select the right shade of clip-in hair extensions?

    “When color matching, keep in mind what your hair color plan will be for the next 12 months,” suggests Gahan. “You want the investment to be able to last as long as possible.”

    If you’re testing in person, Gahan recommends taking a small piece of the extension and holding it side-by-side with your natural hair in a different light. If you’re shopping online, look for a shade that resembles yours in-depth as well as tone, whether that’s cool, ashy, golden, or neutral.

    Another great tip from Gahan is to use a tinted root mist or dry shampoo around the roots to camouflage any discrepancies. “This is especially useful if you have balayage or a root shadow.”

  • How long should you wear clip-in hair extensions?

    We recommend you only wear your clip-ins for a short amount of time. Sleeping or swimming in them could lead to unnecessary tangles and damage, so try and avoid it where you can.

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