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The Yoga Diet

Yogis believe that diet has a close connection with the mind, so they adapt a diet for yoga. The yoga diet, also known as the yogic diet, is a diet that is used to sustain the yoga practice and spiritual progress of yoga. This diet has a connection to the mind through certain food choices. Using the yoga diet to have the proper foods is a supplement to the yoga practice, helping you become healthier and cleaner.

Yoga Diet: Three Gunas

Foods affect different areas of the brain differently, thus food is an integral part of meditation. Yogis believe there are three kinds of diets: Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.


Sattvic Diet

The sattvic diet is the purest of the three. This diet nourishes the mind and body to keep it in a peaceful state, which is why it is most recommended for the serious yoga student. With this diet you mind is able to function at its purest level because it is calmed and purified through the diet. The sattvic diet is the path to true health where your mind is in control of your fit body by keeping a balanced flow of energy between the two.


Rajasic Diet

The rajasic diet means the very hot, bitter, sour, dry and salty foods. This diet is known to destroy the equilibrium of the mind and body. It feeds the body rather than the mind.  Too much of this diet will create a restless and uncontrollable mind. When eating this diet, you may also find yourself eating in a hurriedly fashion.


Tamasic Diet

This diet does not have any benefits for the mind or the body. Your reasoning becomes clouded as your prana (energy) is withdrawn from your body. You will become fatigued and your body will lose its resistance to disease. You will reach an unhealthy state of mind where you constantly feel anger and greed, and become gluttonous in your food intake.

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