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These Are the 10 Best New Year’s Eve Makeup Looks for Dark Skin

woman with sparkly makeup

Under any circumstance, New Year’s Eve is the time for an extra helping of glitz, glamour, and fun. There’s a dramatic sparkly eye, a classic lip, and liner that spans the entire rainbow. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating standout looks you’re sure to love as you count down to midnight.

All that said, not all shades show up well on darker complexions. Sound familiar? Don’t stress—we’ve got you covered. Below, find all the best and brightest New Year’s Eve makeup looks for dark skin.

Disco Diva

Model with silver glitter eye makeup and bold neutral lipstick

New Year’s Eve is the time to look like a human disco ball, right? Exactly. Opt for a neutral lip so you can go all out on your lids and highlighter. Diamond-infused shades only, please.

Rainbow Lids

Rainbow-colored shadow is everything on dark skin, and this look proves it. To re-create this look, try Glamlite’s Paint Pro Palette ($38). We welcome all human Starbursts in this house.

Toasted Champagne Shadow

Woman with smoky brown eyeshadow and glossy lips

Warmer shades look stunning on dark skin, so why not go for toasted-brown topped with a champagne finish? Pull the look together with a warm bronzer-and-highlight duo like the Kosas Color & Light Palette in Helios High Intensity ($34).

Iridescent Blues and Browns

Who doesn’t vibe with a luminous, iridescent shadow? A blend of chocolate and iridescent blue really does things to me. MAC’s Pigment Eyeshadow in Blue Brown ($12) will help you create this effect to a T.

Glitter Lips

Model with purple glitter lips, pink lashes, and shimmery pink eye and cheek makeup

Glitter lips are practically iconic at this point—and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to pull out all the stops in the lipstick department. Those with dark skin tones will want to go for a bold, sparkly red or deeper shade like plum.

Emerald Eyes

TBH, everyone will be green with envy over this look. It’s just the right shade of emerald for tan or dark skin when paired with a subtle yellow. If you love some false lashes, pop them on to execute this look in its glorious entirety.

Smoky Rose

Model wears blended rose-toned eyeshadow, berry lipstick, and pink hair wrap

If you just want a look that’s simple but doesn’t skimp on color, a face full of berry tones is the way to go. Pairing the Juvia’s Place Reds and Berries Matte Lipstick ($14) in the shade Fierce with a smoky rose eye palette will give you brilliant results every time.

Golden Fire

No base necessary when you have a fire hue like this gold. Get this uncomplicated look by applying Rimmel London’s Wonder Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow ($5) in Instafamous. For extra flair, pair it with a lip gloss.

Purple Haze 

Duckie Thot wears blended metallic purple eyeshadow and iridescent dark purple lipstick

One word—whoa. You’ll look stunning on New Year’s Eve no matter how you choose to present yourself, but if you go with this purple makeup look, it will be electrifying. Invest in Urban Decay’s Naked Ultraviolet Palette ($37) for a color-induced jolt to the face in the best way possible.

Neutral But Make It Golden

Woman with a glittery gold-toned neutral makeup look

Neutrals always look best when paired with any form of glitter shadow. Start with Dose of Colors’ Pretty Cool Palette ($32) for a smoky, subtle base. Top with any flashy pigment of your choice (gold or champagne look stunning) for spellbinding, New Year’s Eve makeup-ready eyes.

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