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These Instagram Hairstyles Are Making Us So Excited for Autumn

Somehow, we blinked and autumn is very much on its way. And while summer is the season for lightening our locks and heat-proofing our hairstyles, the cooler months bring with them the option of a whole new wardrobe of hair accessories and less concern about humidity ruining our styles. We just won’t speak about the inevitability of all of that autumnal rainfall.

When it comes to the best hairstyles for autumn, there are so many easy-to-do looks for every hair length and texture. We’re actually a little bit spoilt for choice, from swept-back buns to classic waves. Maintenance-wise, Headmasters artistic ambassador Sian Quinn has this advice: “To keep your hair in the best condition during the colder months, I would say it is so important to keep up with the moisturising treatments.”

“The cold weather can be tough on your hair. Between the wind, rain, cold [and] indoor elements such as central heating, it can leave your hair feeling lacklustre,” Quinn continues. “A silk pillowcase is great when you go to bed, as it doesn’t cause friction on the hair like a classic cotton one would, so it is much kinder to your hair and will keep your blow-dry intact for longer.” 

Yes, warmer climes are lovely, but I have to say I’m beyond excited to switch up my wardrobe as the temperature dips and to try out some of the best hair looks I’ve seen for this season. Ahead, 20 of the best autumn hairstyles for all of your inspiration needs. Happy scrolling!

1. Classic Bun

Autumn hairstyle: classic bun



Autumn hairstyles don’t come more timeless, or low-maintenance, than a chic ballerina bun.

2. Beret Cool

Autumn hairstyle: beret cool



Keep things under wraps (and warm) with the hat style that’s always on-trend.

3. Windswept Texture

Autumn hairstyle: windswept texture



Forgo a sharp parting for a laid-back look. Simply sweep to the side by raking your fingers through and shake. 

4. Half-Up, Half-Down

Autumn hairstyles: Half-Up, Half-Down



This style looks great with a little texture in your hair. No need to reach for the curling tongs if you don’t want to use heat, just spritz through a texture spray before plaiting your hair at night to wake to fuss-free waves.

5. Sleek and Straight

Autumn hairstyles: Sleek and Straight



Without the humidity of summer, we are fully embracing these sleeker styles. 

6. Soft Curls

Autumn hairstyles: Soft Curls



We are all over the romantic vibes that these gently teased-out curls are bringing.

7. Free ‘Fro

Autumn hairstyles: Free Fro



For the days when the rain holds off, free your ‘fro! A little bit of moisturising curl cream on the lengths and ends will seal in hydration.

8. Hollywood Curls

Autumn hairstyles: Hollywood Curls



Okay, is it time for us to get out the hot rollers? Because we are all over these glam curls.

9. Curtain Bangs

Autumn hairstyles: Curtain Bangs



Yes, curtain bangs are still hot for autumn 2021. If you’re not ready for a fringe chop, then you can easily fake these by shaping your hair around your hairline with a blow-dry brush or straighteners.

10. Tucked Bob

Autumn hairstyles: Tucked Bob



Flicked-out styles are definitely cool, but for shorter strands, this autumn is all about the tucked-under bob. So chic.

11. Slicked-Back

Autumn hairstyles: Slicked-Back



A dual-bristle hairbrush is essential for this look as it helps to set strands and create shine. Finish with an oil mist for added shimmer.

12. Full-Body Waves

Autumn hairstyles: Full-Body Waves



Textured, full-body waves are autumn’s answer to beachy summer hair.

13. Buckets Hats

Autumn hairstyles: Bucket Hats



Turns out bucket hats aren’t just a festive staple. The woollen bucket hat is definitely going to be a huge part of our autumn hair accessory wardrobe.

14. Hairline Plaits

Autumn hairstyles: Hairline Plaits



Add a little oomph to second-day hair with these cute, ’90s-inspired hairline plaits.

15. Claw Clips

Autumn hairstyles: Claw Clips



The revival of the claw clip continues, so naturally, we will be buying them in all of the trending autumnal colours.

16. The Ear Tuck



Simple? Yes, but we’re into it. Use bobby pins to secure the hair in place discretely.

17. Twisted Bun

Autumn hairstyles: Twisted Bun



Take the classic bun and add a twist—literally. This is a great low-maintenance take on a formal updo as we move into party season.

18. Sparkly Slides

Autumn hairstyles: Sparkly Slides



Ease into the return of sparkle season with a little accessorising in the form of some dazzling hair slides.

19. Luxe Ponytail

Autumn hairstyles: Loose Ponytail



The best way to elevate a laid-back style like this one? A designer ponytail holder, of course.

20. Noughties Tendrils

Autumn hairstyles: Noughties Tendrils



These ’00s straight tendrils are here to stay, so we’re keeping our flat iron handy at all times.

Up next, if you have fine hair, then these are the best short hairstyles for you.

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