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This $10 Polish Is the Secret to Sofia Richie’s Naked Nails

Sofia Richie in her yard

At this point, nobody is doing neutrals like Sofia Richie Grainge. The model soared in popular with her infamous Get Ready With Me TikToks that took us behind the scenes of her wedding week, and as if overnight, she became the one to watch for inspiration for sophisticated, “quiet luxury” style. If you’re wondering what nail style the celeb turns to, it’s a barely-there manicure—and we found the exact polish she uses.

On June 5, Richie Grainge shared a TikTok video that gives a behind-the-scenes look into her most recent cover shoot. We don’t know which magazine she’ll grace just yet, but her look is worthy of a full spread. Richie Grainge wore a black Valentino babydoll dress with white lapels, white cuffs, and a ruffled white and black trim along the hem. She paired the dress with a classic black tie, black pointed-toe pumps, silver hoop earrings, and her emerald-cut engagement ring.


Everything from her logo-free couture dress to the black and white checkered tiles she walks on screams quiet luxury, and Richie Grainge paired the look with the perfect barely-there manicure. The model shared a photo of her nails on set and said that she’s “loving a neutral nail.” Her nails sat at a short square shape—which is Richie Grainge’s signature, according to her nail artist—and had just a slick of nude-y pink polish.

Sofia Richie Grainge wearing a black and white dress and a barely-there manicure.


2023 has been the year of barely-there polish, and the “my nails but better” trend has dominated both and off the red carpet. There are plenty off ways to go about landing the trend (whether you opt for a milky French manicure or a strawberry milk manicure), and Richie Grainge went with a pink that’s close to her natural nail shade for a true barely-there finish. Richie Grainge revealed that she used two coats of the Essie Nail Polish in Skinny Dip ($10) to get the look.

As with anything, neutral is subjective, so the key to nailing a naked mani is finding a sheer pink polish that suits your skin tone best. If you have a similar skin tone to Richie Grainge, you can opt for the same Essie nail polish she uses for a barely-there manicure. If you have a dark or deep skin tone, use a deeper pale pink like the Jinsoon Nail Polish in Nostalgia ($18). And if you have a lighter skin tone, choose a light pale pink polish like the Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer in Prima Ballerina ($22).


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