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This $20 Aloe Hair Gel Made My Curls Pop Like None Other

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What do Ava DuVernay and Skai Jackson have in common? They both turn to Adachi Sanders–who has over 11 years of experience working in the haircare industry–to style their hair. During the past few months, the expert stylist has been channeling her energy into the rebrand of her natural hair care brand, Ankh Holistic Healers, and the launch of her Los Angeles salon. In 2002, Sanders founded Ankh Holistic Healers as a line of handmade all-natural products. Inspired by the positive feedback she received from thousands of people, she decided to reinvent the brand in a major way this year—this time as Ankh Care.

“Ankh Care is a self-care labor of love and was launched in search of creating natural products that would aid in the health and wellness of my hair and myself,” Sanders says. Named after the Ancient Egypt symbol meaning “Life,” Ankh Care offers 10 products—ranging from shampoo to styling products—that are suitable to use on all different types of textured hair.

The brand’s magic lies in its ability to bridge the gap between hair care and wellness. “[Our] products differ and stand apart from other competitors in the fact that Ankh Care products actually heal ailments and diseases of the skin and scalp, such as eczema and psoriasis,” Sanders says. The entire product range also has restorative effects, promoting hair growth and restoration for people dealing with alopecia and hair loss.

All of Ankh Care’s products are also all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free. The brand’s reliance on good-for-you ingredients powers its ability to heal and restore. Tea tree oil and aloe vera are two of the star ingredients found in many of the product formulations. “Aloe vera is healing and soothing but is also great for consumption,” Sanders says. “The fact that I can drink aloe vera to nourish my body and that I can also use aloe vera on my skin and scalp to hydrate, nourish, and feed is a win-win.” Sanders has dubbed tea tree oil her go-to for all topical healing. The presence of tea tree oil in Ankh Care products helps fight germs and aids in preserving the health of your hair and skin.

I recently had the chance to try two of Ankh Care’s staple products—the True Aloe Hair Gel and Chai Spritz Curl Enhancer. Find out my honest thoughts ahead.

Chai Spritz Curl Enhancer 

Chai Spritz Ankh Care
Ankh Care Chai Spritz Curl Enhancer $30.00

What It Is: A curl-enhancing spray designed to leave textured tresses healthy, hydrated, and soft.

My Review: I love using sprays like this to refresh my curls when I wake up in the morning. I dampen my hair with water before applying the Chai Spritz Curl Enhancer. Then, I spritz this all over my hair from roots to ends. The spray bottle delivers a nice, even mist of product to my hair, ensuring that every strand is coated in the curl-enhancing cocktail. Once my hair dried, I was left with curls that were unbelievably soft and shiny. Another plus? The product’s fragrance blend of rose and vanilla also envelops the hair with a long-lasting beautiful, warm scent.

True Aloe Hair Gel

True Aloe Hair Gel
Ankh Care True Aloe Hair Gel $20.00

What It Is: A non-flaking styling gel used to re-twist, coil, or mold the hair.

My Review: To me, the perfect gel is one that provides beautiful curl definition without leaving a heavy, sticky feel behind. This gel does exactly that. I’ve been using it daily to revive my curls and I’m in love with how well it makes my curls pop. It delivers a medium to soft hold and because of how lightweight it is, it won’t flake up or build up on the hair or scalp (unlike many other gels out there). The True Aloe Hair Gel has a refreshing, almost mint-like scent that I’m obsessed with as it leaves my hair smelling so good all day long.

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