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This Viral Matching Set Is 2023’s Answer to the Juicy Tracksuit

Matilda Djerf wearing Frankies Bikinis

Like most obsessions, my fixation on the Frankies Bikinis “cloud knit” hoodie and lounge pants started innocently enough. I saw it posted to the brand’s Instagram when it launched late last fall and added it to my mental wishlist. After awhile though, I couldn’t escape it.

Every time I opened TikTok, I saw a cute girl wearing the set, often accessorized with trendy hair bows or a pair of mini Uggs. I felt taunted by how cozy they looked. I’ve never really been into loungewear—I’m either in “real clothes” or pjs—but the set looked surprisingly put together. The knitted hoodie was the perfect shape, cropped to hit right at the waist, and nice and tight without being restricting. The pants are a perfectly on-trend blend of flared bottoms with a low-rise fold-over waist embellished with a silver buckle.

The set—which has sold out and restocked several times since its launch this fall—is the ideal blend of cute and comfy and the perfect encapsulation of the relaxed-yet-trendy LA style Frankies is known for. So, it comes as no surprise that the beaches of California are what inspired the knits. “The idea of relaxed Southern California style [inspired the set],” Francesca Aiello, owner and designer of Frankies, tells Byrdie.

“Most people probably think the temperature here never drops below 70, but that’s just not the case during cooler months. So, I wanted to design a knit set that I could easily pair with Uggs and a bikini set underneath—in case I want to jump in the ocean during my morning beach walks.”


Shortly after my For You page was filled with pastel iterations of the set, the pieces started popping up on celebrities left and right—both out and about and lounging at home. First, I saw it on mega-influencer (and one of my favorite fashion girls) Devon Lee Carlson and again on her sister, Sydney. Then, Addison Rae paired a pink hoodie with jeans for a day out (holding mini pigs?), and Hailey Bieber’s been papped in a baby blue one on a few occasions.


The set seems to jibe well with pretty much every personal aesthetic—edgy model Gabbriette wore a firetruck red one for one of her iconic cooking videos. At the same time, our favorite vanilla girl, Matilda Djerf, has made a uniform of the pink set. Essentially, it’s today’s version of the iconic Y2K Juicy tracksuit, thanks to its wear-everywhere vibe and “who, me?” ease.


“It’s absolutely amazing to see the positive reaction from the internet, especially since this is our first year designing knitwear,” Aiello says of the set’s positive reception. “We had no idea the set would go viral and create so much talk.”


When I finally got my hands on the set, I understood what all the fuss was about. First of all, it’s extremely soft, making it the perfect cozy thing to wear lounging around the house. However, it’s structured enough not to make me feel sloppy when I wear it out of the house. It’s actually kinda—dare I say?—sexy. The hoodie hits exactly at my waist for a flattering snatch without being too cropped, and the fold-over waist makes the pants feel like a step up from basic yoga leggings. I opted for the black, which can be edged up with silver jewelry and wraparound sunnies or coquettified to fit the vibe of its pastel counterparts with braids and a puffy heart necklace.


When it comes to styling, I’ve actually been loving wearing the pieces separately, but Aiello recommends wearing them as a set. “Sometimes I’ll throw on a black headband, the aforementioned Uggs, and call it a day,” she says. “The pieces are so laid back and soft against my skin but also well-fitting, so it doesn’t feel too dressed down.” That perhaps is the crux of the suit’s appeal: It’s sexy yet effortless, equally suited to braving the paparazzi as it is rotting at home.


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