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TikTok’s “McDonald’s Bangs” Trend Is Cuter Than It Sounds

Matilda Djerf withMcDonald's bangs

First they came for our skincare, then they came for our nails, and now food-and-beverage-inspired beauty trends are coming for our hair, too. The latest hair trend isn’t just named after a single snack, but an entire food empire—the one you’d associate with a Happy Meal. Yes, McDonald’s bangs are here, and while the name may conjure up a greasy mess, they’re much cuter than they sound (trust us). Ahead, everything you need to know about the McDonald’s bangs trend, and how to get the look.

Ella Balinska with McDonald's bangs

The Trend

Back in 2018, “Follow the Arches” was splattered across hundreds of Canadian billboards, directing drivers to find the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s M-shaped logo. Flash forward to 2023, and TikTokers are creating their own arches with a swoopy M-shape in their bangs.


“[McDonald’s bangs are] trending because of the swoop in them—or a dip is what I like to call it,” celebrity hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew explains to Byrdie. “It’s also a really cool shape that can work on any face shape. It’s flattering, modern, and fun.” Although they have outward flips similar to trendy curtain bangs, McDonald’s bangs offer a more drastic curved lift at the root that makes them look like arches, giving them a distinctly retro feel. “It’s giving me a one-sided Marilyn Monroe hairstyle and a pin curl front set [vibe],” Sturdivant-Drew explains.

How to Get the Look

It can be daunting to create a hairstyle that looks like it defies gravity, but McDonald’s bangs are so simple to create, you don’t even need to use heat to get this look. First, spritz a texturizing spray onto your damp hair. If you have curly or coily hair, Sturdivant-Drew recommends using the Pantene Gold Series the Miracle Moisturizing Detangler ($9) “as it softens and makes the hair more manageable.”

If you have a cowlick, this style may take a bit more finessing—but it’s totally doable. Sturdivant-Drew says, “Make sure you use a fine tooth comb to knock [the cowlick] down and smooth it out.”


After that, use your hands to direct your bangs upwards into an M-shape, and use clips to set the look until it air dries. If you’d rather go the heat styling route, you can first place a round brush under your bangs and dry your hair inward, focusing the heat on the roots. Once that has dried, use your fingers to comb your hair backwards, and let the bangs settle naturally on either side of your face. Finally, place the same round brush onto ends of your bangs and blow dry your hair back and up to create that flippy McDonald’s shape.

And just like that, you now have bangs that’ll create volume at your roots, add a retro texture, and look as delicious as the name suggests.


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