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We Found the $16 Nail Polish Behind Zendaya’s Cherry Jello Mani

Zendaya in all pink

When it comes to fashion and beauty, Zendaya really can do no wrong. She’s the star of every red carpet she’s ever stepped foot upon and is always stunning us with her retro beauty looks and classic manicures. Case in point: Zendaya recently revealed a cherry Jello manicure, featuring the perfect red nail polish.

Zendaya at an event


On May 23, Zendaya’s nail artist Lisa Kon posted a video of the actor’s nails. Zendaya is seen in the background of the video wearing a white T-shirt and scrolling on her phone (AKA, what we all do when we get our nails done). The star’s last few manicures have featured a short, rounded shape, but this time, she opted for a slightly overgrown length with a sharp square shape—very ’90s. She wore a classic cherry-red nail polish that’s vibrant and juicy, lending itself to the leading Jello nail trend that we’ve seen on stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.


There’s a reason why the term “perfect red” is applied to both nail polish and lipstick—there are so (so) many nuanced shades of red that can either work amazingly or wash you out depending on your skin tone. To put it plainly, warm-toned reds work best on people with warm undertones, and blue-toned reds are ideal for people with cooler undertones. Still, it can take you years and cost a pretty penny to test out the various reds until you land on your perfect shade, but that’s where neutral reds like Zendaya’s can come into play. Kon used the Lisa Kon Soak Off Gel Polish in #14 Scarlet ($16) for the look.

This red doesn’t veer too far into the cooler side of red and still has a touch of warmth that maintains its vibrancy—it’s the same color as a juicy cherry, which has various undertones that can’t be pinned down as either fiery or cool. Thus, the nail polish is actually the perfect red and can work across all skin tones and undertones.

If you’re looking to DIY Zendaya’s cherry Jello manicure, you’ll want to prep your nails by removing any old nail polish, then push your cuticles back, and file and buff the nail plates. Then, apply a gel base coat and cure your nails before applying two coats of the Lisa Kon Soak Off Gel Polish in #14 Scarlet ($16). Finally, seal the look with a gel top coat for a red mani to make your nails pop.


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