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Welcome Plant Feng Shui

Feng shui is the Chinese art of decorating and designing a space to attract and optimize positive energy flow or in other terms, positive chi. Feng shui has been in use for over three millennia. All the considerations made to welcome plant feng shui are based on the approach towards your front door and the direction in which it faces. It is taken into account because of the fact that it is the first area that is usually noticed in a home and the main place where important chi commonly referred to as positive energy goes through.

The Feng Shui Significance Plants Carry

Plants have over the years been used to represent the most encouraging attributes of the growing element of wood – the sole element amidst the five life elements. Plants usually have inherent yang energies that promote all the surrounding space. They also show forth the yin and yang balance in the garden, as a response to the mix of shade and sunlight, water and soil nutrients.

In order to form a space using good feng shui, plants' use is very important. To welcome plant feng shui, you need to spend quality time mixing the right plants taking a careful choice of the orientations, colors and shapes.

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