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We’ll Be Copying Dua Lipa’s Mermaid Barbie Nails All Summer

Dua Lipa selfie

After a world tour that lasted for nearly a year, you’d expect Dua Lipa to take a beat for a bit. Yet, the pop star proves that she’s always game for a new project, her latest being a role in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film, Barbie, which premieres on July 21. We’ve been getting snippets of info about the film for the past few months, and on May 25, Lipa released her new single for the Barbie soundtrack, “Dance The Night,” along with a Barbie disco-themed music video to match. There were lights, cameras, and fallen disco balls—but Lipa’s mermaid Barbie nails stole the show.

The music video is pretty meta, beginning with the caption, “This Barbie is making a music video,” and its entire schtick is a faux-BTS video of Lipa on set as her producer screams at the sight of broken props. Lipa performs on a pink stage dressed head-to-toe in her new collection with Versace, which includes pink knee-high chrome boots and a shimmering pink halter swimsuit tucked into an equally as bedazzled blue skirt. The skirt has butterfly details throughout, and Lipa’s stylist Lorenzo Posocco paired the look with butterfly-shaped rings, a Medusa pendant choker, and a gold chain belt.


It can be hard to find a manicure to outshine the butterfly-encrusted Versace jewelry Lipa wears on her hands, but manicurist Michelle Humphrey pulled it off with a chrome mermaid manicure. Lipa’s nails sit at a medium-length round shape and feature a turquoise chrome color throughout the nail bed.

Dua lipa with chrome mermaid nails


It’s a similar manicure to the one that Halle Bailey recently wore to the US and UK premieres for The Little Mermaid, which featured a turquoise chrome base and pearls throughout. Lipa’s manicure, on the other hand, has a decor-free chrome finish that makes her nail beds look like polished metal, adding that flawless Barbie touch to the manicure style. Although the music video is more classic Barbie-themed, Lipa plays a mermaid Barbie in the film, and her aquatic manicure was the perfect nod to her role.

To match the sea-faring vibes, makeup artist Lisa Elridge created an aqua smoky eye on the pop star and paired it with a blushing mauve lip and a satin cloud complexion. Hair stylist Peter Lux finalized the doll vibes with a proper Barbie updo, which features Lipa’s hair slicked back into a perfect ponytail with mega volume.


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