“What Should I Wear in Autumn?” Is a Big Question—We’ve Just Answered It

What should I wear in autumn? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for a least a few weeks now, and we think we’ve just about covered it. We’ve talked you through the top trends for the season ahead and gone into detail about the boots that are set to dominate for the next six months. We’ve charted the best new-in pieces from the chicest high-street stores and confirmed which prints are going to be splashed over everything for the foreseeable. 

This, of course, is all excellent information and inspiration to refer back to, but when you boil autumn fashion down to its bare bones, what are the pieces you need to stylishly navigate the season? Today, we’re here to show you just that. 

What to Wear in Autumn: @isabellecoheen



The key to having a blessed autumn wardrobe is to surround yourself with an arsenal of reliable seasonal basics, pieces that are interchangeable and can be layered with one another and effortlessly thrown together with anything else hanging in your closet. These items will ensure every outfit you wear feels timeless and not too of the moment—even if you choose to pair them with some of the more directional A/W 21 trends

So which pieces yield such power? Below, we’ve assembled a checklist of the staples you can pull out every autumn—some of which you probably already do! Scroll on to see exactly what to wear this season. 


What to Wear in Autumn: @itsnajmaahmed



Style Notes: Look for monochromatic or neutral palettes in simple silhouettes to ensure maximum wear potential. 

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