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What to Do If Car Door Lock Is Stuck

Having your car door lock stuck is one downside to the need of having to lock your car doors to prevent vandalism and theft. There are many reasons that they may occur, not limited to being frozen, breaking, or needing a bit of loosening.

Whatever the cause, it is an extremely frustrating experience if your key won't unlock car door. Having a vehicle that is not working properly when you need it is not very useful. That is why you will find several ways that you can fix your stuck lock below.

Why Is My Car Door Lock Stuck?

If there is dirt inside the lock, extreme weather conditions may cause the lock to stop working. When the key won’t unlock your car door, the main culprit is most likely dirt. Dirt between the springs absorb water and when it gets cold enough it will freeze, casing the springs and wafers to be frozen in place.

Another cause of a car door lock being stuck may be a simple need for lubrication. Using a graphite powder or W-D 40 may do the trick by removing the debris and dust from the gears and giving them a bit of lubrication to begin moving again.

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