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What to Eat Before Going to Gym

Although it can be tempting to skip extra calories, you may need to eat before working out as the food fuels your workout, maximizing your results and the effort you can put into it. If you are wondering “should I eat before a workout?” then simply remember that fueling your body correctly will lead to a more intense and effective workout. As a bonus, eating before working out prevents you from getting low blood sugar, which could lead to fatigue and lightheadedness. Despite that, you need to know what to eat before going to gym to get the best results.

Why Should You Eat Before a Workout?

If you find yourself wondering if you should eat before working out, the quick answer is yes. Your body needs to absorb some sugar as it will convert this into fuel during training. If you don’t have sugar in your system, your body will take your muscle tissue and turn that into energy, which is something you don’t want to happen. In fact, the Strength and Conditioning Journal recently conducted a study looking at cyclists who fasted or ate before training. Although fat burn was equal, those who fasted before training got 10 percent of this burn from protein, such as muscle mass.

The goal when exercising is to work out as hard as possible for as long as possible. But this simply isn’t possible without the right fuel. Instead, you will lack energy and may even feel dizzy.

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