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What to Put in Oatmeal: For Better Taste and Nutrition

Oatmeal is a great food – it’s nutritious and a great source of fiber. However, it doesn’t taste that good and can get boring on its own so people often use add-ins such as fruits to make it more palatable. You don’t have to use unhealthy ingredients such as table sugar to make oatmeal taste good. Usually, most of the ingredients added to oatmeal are the same ones added to cold cereal. Here are some tips on what to put in oatmeal.

Cooking Liquids

You should start by choosing a cooking liquid. Below are some of the options:



This should be the go to cooking liquid if you’re keen on keeping the calories down. It adds zero calories to oatmeal and doesn’t affect the taste in any way.


Almond Milk

If you want to go with a flavored option
that’s also low on calories, go with flavored almond milk. Pick a flavor
of your choice to spice up your meal.


1% or 2% Milk

you’re going to cook oatmeal in milk, you should use 1% milk instead of
skim milk. This is because it is low fat and produces a creamier result.



 If you want to add some sweetness to your
oatmeal without adding sugar, then you should go with juices. Use your
favorite fruit juice e.g. mango, passion fruit, orange or whatever else you’re
into. If you go with pineapple juice, you might need to add some water
since it's usually too concentrated.

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