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What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather: Your Ultimate Guide to Layering

Madison Bailey wears a layered outfit with a white T-shirt, leather cutout pants, cow print faux fur jacket, and red sunglasses

Sixty degrees is the temperature of opportunity: It’s appropriate to order coffee hot or iced, and it’s ideal weather for really dressing. The scorching days of summer, when many of us try to get away with wearing as little as possible, have passed, but it’s not yet cold enough to cover your mastermind outfits in a sleeping bag-esque puffer coat.

We’d argue that fall is the best season for fashion—there’s endless room for play. But if you’re at a loss for what to wear in 60 degree weather, know the trick is simple, yet with tons of room for creativity: layers, layers, layers.

Ahead, we’ve outlined the wardrobe essentials that you’ll want to gather in order to look stylish and stay weather-apropos, for every occasion. All are layer-centric formulas that you can depend on, even when the weather is unpredictable at best.

Cashmere Chic

A great, lightweight or spun cashmere sweater is a transitional temperature essential—it’s endlessly luxurious, and it’ll keep you warm—but not hot. Try an oversized piece as an outer layer or something more form-fitting for wearing under a jacket or vest. A preppy cashmere sweater vest is ideal for wearing over a button-down or underneath a jacket.


Default to Denim

A denim jacket is invaluable: It’s ever-cool and will protect you from chilling gusts of wind and other elements. They’re also incredibly versatile—they make nearly any ensemble, from sweatsuits to silk gowns, look chic and fresh. Whether you go classic, oversized, puff-sleeved, or even embellished, you can’t go wrong.


Pull It Together

A structured blazer is of course an office style must, but it’s also a multi-functional transition piece. A luxurious, warm velvet style is ideal for dressier events and pre-frost cocktail dates when worn with a skirt, dress, or trousers, plus it’s unexpectedly pleasing when paired with athleisure and sneakers for bodega runs. Blazers that feel partly like double-breasted coats are also great to wear in 60 degree weather, as you likely don’t need much more layering to stay comfortable.


Classic Cardigan

A cardigan is a key layering piece. Pick a classic or statement style you really love, then scrunch the sleeves up to show off your bracelets when the sun is out, and wear it underneath a jacket when the air cools. Tie it around your shoulders or waist when you’re not wearing it—a simple styling trick that just so happens to keep your core warm.


Statement Base

Tights are essential when wearing a skirt or dress in 60 degree weather. Opt for a semi-sheer, matte black shade or look for an interesting but sophisticated monochrome print, such as a pinstripe, diamonds, or plaid. For evening, bring a bit of sparkle to your outfit with tights that radiate a subtle shimmer.


Short and Sweet

60 degree weather is tricky, but you can absolutely still stun in a mini or midi skirt. For the ultimate fall preppy vibes, pair a pleated mini with a button-down, fitted sweater, and boots or loafers. A wool or knit midi skirt will keep you warm and works with tights or knee-high boots. Let a statement skirt take center stage by pairing it with a simple, long-sleeve black shirt or fitted turtleneck and boots. You can also introduce your cherished summer skirts to the cooler weather—simply pair them with warming thermal tights.


Perfectly Cozy

It’s time to invest in a short puffer jacket and/or vest that you love—both are ideal for your early morning coffee run, chilly office hours, and evening adventures. Look for options that don’t look too gear-y, so that you’ll actually wear them. Whether you go fashion-forward, gravitate towards something simple and functional, or find an extremely cozy fleece style, you’ll have the perfect look in no time when paired with other seasonal basics like a cashmere sweater and trousers. A fleece vest is also ideal for wearing underneath a roomy jacket as the weather gets much colder than 60 degrees.


Staple Scarf

A lavish cashmere scarf will keep you cozy and elevate any outfit. Pick one in a color you love, and consider an investment piece that will serve you for many years to come. A cashmere scarf can also, of course, fit into your tote bag, so you’ll always have an extra safety layer with you. The tote bag, though not a clothing item, is also a 60 degree weather essential—when the weather wavers in between extremes, it’s a great place to stash a pair of lightweight convertible gloves, your denim jacket, a scarf, and other layers.


Simple Sophistication

We can’t emphasize the potential of a beautiful pair of cool-weather trousers enough—they’re an office staple, of course, but they’re also amazing when paired with sneakers and a long sleeve t-shirt. Twill and wool trousers are appropriate for fall—pair them with layers of a shirt or two, a sweater, and a jacket. High-waisted trousers are also a great go-to, while a cashmere pair will make you feel as though you’re wearing loungewear.


Your New Favorite Jeans

Jeans are made for this weather. Wear them with boots or sneakers and a button down or turtleneck, and you’re set for a day of running holiday errands, lunch with friends, or casual Fridays. In the fall, we’re drawn towards tailored pairs in darker washes, which pair beautifully with lots of layers.


Sweater Dress Weather

‘Tis the season for an elegant midi sweater dress that can work for any occasion. Choose whichever style speaks to you, whether that’s cashmere, metallic, a wrap style, or something colorful with cutouts. Worn with knee-high leather boots and a great necklace, a sweater dress is quite possibly the simplest outfit equation for fall.


Take It Higher

For shoes, you can depend on a pair of tall boots, fall-toned sneakers, and/or patent loafers to carry you through the season in style and comfort.


Keep It Cozy

Luxurious socks will keep your feet warm, which is essential for staying temperature-controlled in 60 degree weather in below—plus, they’re also a great styling item. Try pairing cashmere socks with loafers and a skirt, a shimmering pair for cocktail hour, or anything that keeps you feeling both warm and stylish.


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