When Is the Best Time to Go to Disneyland?

Disneyland, Walt Disney’s California theme park, has been a destination families, amusement park fans and Mickey Mouse lovers go to since it opened in 1955. When planning a vacation, a lot of people want to know the best time to go to Disneyland. With some guidelines and information, you can get a better idea of when the best time to go is.

Disneyland – A World of Magic

The second busiest theme park in the United Sates, Disneyland has over fifteen million visitors every year. You will never be alone no matter when you go.

This park is the centerpiece of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California. Millions around the world hold a special place in their hearts for the original Disney Theme Park. Millions of guests go there each year, and today Disneyland is truly a magical place, undisputedly the “Happiest Place on Earth”. It is thought by many to be a masterpiece of innovation, civil engineering and imagination. For over fifty years, Walt’s Park has been charming and captivating to guests of all ages. If your decide to explore it, you'd better know when is the best time to go to Disneyland for your own particular need.

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